Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Actual Truth versus what they say.

So, I logged in to blogger again today and was surprised to see over 2000 visits recently from Israel.

Well, I hope they noticed the part of my recent post where I do not condone all of Mormonism, because I don't want to seem completely evil to these visitors.

Anyway, when I said my Dad is very conservative --- yes he is. But he also likes ideas from other parties as well.  Though my Dad has been very anti-Liberal, he is is agreement with a number of the Socialist NDP policies. My Dad gets along better with the NDP than you might somehow think he would --- but in the end he tends to be in the Conservative camp.

So, today I was on facebook.

It's tough, trying to have a civil discussion with these people who I used to be better friends with.

It's weird --- but one of the old Mormon families who was a direct cause of my family being baptized into the church, well, I see the kinds of posts they've made ---- and they seem completely OBLIVIOUS to the actual truth of some things regarding their own religion, and religion in general.

So basically, a Mormon, who didn't know their own stuff or deliberately lied, converted my parents to this church, under false pretences.  Yes -- it is sickening, that someone who vocally declares untruths was converting my family.

We entered the church and grew up in the church being told one thing, but when I studied what the actual leaders of the church actually said, the truth was completely different.

This is one of the big problems with "Free religion".  The religion just does whatever it wants, misleads, destroys, basically --- it has free reign and sovereignty over it's own actions, and can't be held accountable because they're free to do as they please. Or not legally accountable, at least.

So yeah. It's just sad to me to see all the less educated people in the world. I may only have a high school education and a bit of university, but somehow, my studies of religion have put me lightyears ahead of all of these people who raised me including my Mom and this mormon family ----

My Mom and this person from this Mormon family are so much older than me, you'd think they'd have learned and would have the education --- but they don't appear to, or they're deliberately lying.

So yeah, I was told one thing about my church growing up, and when I studied the leaders for myself I found out it was actually the opposite. It annoys me. And this woman who helped convert my family is also, apparently, completely oblivious to the truth, strangely. Weird.

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