Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Phonecalls and stuff

So, I recently signed up for a new "trading" service online.

You've got to be real careful what you sign up for ---- though the demo program of this service seems to work well enough --- well -----

As soon as I logged in to this service, I got a phonecall from someone at their business. To verify my ID -- fine sure. I could accept that they'd phone, if only to make sure I'm a real person.

Well, when I was talking to one of my publishers about one of my books, they'd phone and we'd talk, and I had a hard time talking to people --- even about a specific business I'm particularly interested in.

I mean, when OUYA's programming engineer phoned me to help me with something, I had a hard time with that too --I mean, I needed his help -----

But I am INTROVERTED. I'm not comfortable with too much socializing.

So my phone told me last night that I had two phonecalls from two Unknown callers. I could only have hoped that it was Avril Lavigne wanting to go one a date with me --- although that itself would also be scary for me, maybe more than I could handle. Ah, but I wasn't available at my phone at that time

Well, I was busy today, and got another phonecall which I decided to answer --- and yes, the voice was female and the name started with "A", so that was kind of intriguing, but it was about trading or something.

Uh oh. Just by signing up for this service that I've only tried out so far, I'm already getting more phonecalls than I'm comfortable with.

I hate joining political parties because they keep asking for money on the phone.

Basically, if you are like me and have a hard time with socialization, due to anxiety or just plain introversion ---- you really have to be careful about what you sign up for.

I mean, it was promising that this phonecall was from a female whose name started with "A" ---- but if I'm going to get daily or multi-daily phonecalls talking about something I would privately like to do on my own time, I'm not sure I'm going to appreciate that.

Anyway, if I'm going to review this service I will not name at this point: I'll just say that the demo seemed to work, so far, but I am not impressed with all the phonecalls I suddenly got.

Maybe the "A" named female had something to do with Avril -- if just to play on my hopes. Heh.

But I am nervous enough about things. Ugh.

here's the scary thing though::::: I KNOW that I sent Avril a recent email telling her that I was allowing her to be friends with me.  When I got those two phonecalls last night that I didn't answer, I was wondering if it might've been Avril (she has my phone number).

Well, I got the phonecall today and it did happen to be a female --- and the name started with the letter A. Coincidence?

I'm just scared kind of. Not too good with people, but I recognize that though it has everything to do with trading, it also likely might have something to do with Avril.

I say that because someone texted me suggesting a like-service after I said Avril could be my friend if she wanted to ---- and yeah, when I got that text I suspected it could have been Avril - so I was intrigued.

I mean, Avril may have nothing to do with all this ---- but Since my email to her, and since getting all these messages, I keep thinking it might be her ---- and then the female voice claimed to be an "A" name.

Is she being complicated? Hah. :) Hopeful, wishful thinking.

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