Thursday, September 8, 2016

Personal Communications

Most of the time, I don't get anything useful at my email address where I try to get comments from people for my OUYA games ---

But in the past little while I've been receiving Japanese emails from a presumably Japanese person.

I'm writing this post to say::: I can see your messages. The Japanese doesn't translate very well into English, I've managed to glean something about a large amount of Yen, something about a deal, an escort, concerns of feelings of anxiety, and something about an unidentified celebrity being involved.

I suppose I do feel special receiving these messages, but they don't at all translate very well into english, and if this is about me visiting Japan for some kind of deal or something, I can already see that the language barrier will probably be an issue, because I'm having a difficult time just translating these written messages, and trying to understand exactly what they're saying.

There looked like there's a form to fill out, except I really have no idea at this point.

Considering that there was a lot of money mentioned, and some kind of special celebrity involved, I suppose I could feel intrigued by this ---- but I think I'm not understanding the idea of the messages well enough.

For all I know, this could range from me working at a Japanese game company to me appearing on Japanese TV --- or whatever, it isn't exactly specifically understood on my mind what exactly these messages are trying to say.

But, considering the messages did take into account the social anxiety I might end up having, it does look kind of like this is specifically for me, kind of.


Earlier this week, I think it was, maybe it was last week, someone contacted me on Youtube, we talked for a bit, and this person said they would buy my book.

Maybe my book is so freaky that it'll blow this guy's mind, but Amazon and Lulu have seriously reported 0 sales in the past months. Maybe I need to wait longer, but this seems ridiculous, that I would be told that my book is going to be purchased, and then nothing is reported.

If he said he'd buy without buying, then that seems like borderline trolling kind of.

But then there's the possibility, which I have long suspected, that sales just don't get fully reported.

A while back I found an article online that reported that on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert said that Amazon really isn't very good with reporting book sales ---- I just remember seeing that article ---- so who knows?


Got another email from this Japanese person.

They assure me this is legal.

They mentioned again a celebrity guest - and they gave me a profile of a Japanese woman.

The birthday of the Japanese woman matched the birthday of a Japanese woman with a similar name on Wikipedia --- but the birth years were different --- but whatever the birth year, she's a bit older than me.

This Wikipedia entry says this woman who shares her birthday is a Japanese Jazz Singer.

Interesting. I listen to Jazz often enough on Apple Music.

Of course, looking up this Japanese woman's name on Google, and I find a reference to "Krieger's preferred woman" ------ sounds like Kroeger, or Avril Lavigne's husband, although I'm not looking at the actual page, just saw the title line.

OH ----- and they want me to have a passport. I think it's a passport, they call it something a bit different, but I'm thinking it's probably a passport they refer to.

YES - I DO have a passport, and I am intrigued ---- if I'm going somewhere am I allowed to bring my father with me? I don't want to be too lonely. Although, he might resist, and I really don't have much in the way of travelling companions at that point, because I'm lonely.

SO::: yeah. Huh. No need to re-iterate the details. Just interesting that the name is similar and the birthdate is similar to a famous singer on Wikipedia, and that "Krieger" would be mentioned on a Google search.

This is absolutely interesting to me, although I'm still not fully sure what to think --- and I don't know how to respond at this point except by posting this stuff on my blog.

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