Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Pfhonge Version

So, today Cortex approved, and I released, a new version of Pfhonge on Forge TV. Now the game auto-detects which controller(s) you are playing with.

And then, when I logged into Cortex on my Forge, I'm told I am being granted another free game Entitlement from Cortex. And I think I pressed the wrong button, because the game didn't actually show up in my purchased games section --- but yeah, it was cool to see that, I guess.

There's just so much content on Cortex - and my time is limited and my attention span isn't too long anymore. Yoy.

And then, as I turned on my Mac Mini to write this blog post --- I am informed by my newsfeed that Apple's CEO will be in Utah soon ----- O boy. Yeah, my Dad bought a new iPhone for himself yesterday, my Dad bought a new iPhone for my Mom today, and now Apples CEO is visiting the home of the religion I grew up with.

But, before I saw that news on my computer --- I was remembering that one experience I had where I was at a special church event and my hair magically turned from brown to blonde. I mean, to some this may seem unbelievable --- but no matter how much I've started to deny my religion, the fact remains::: at a special church event, my hair actually *poof* changed colour.

Such experiences leave a boy thinking he knows the church is true. The church seemed so right for so long, and after knowing that my hair can magically change colour --- how is it that I can betray my church?

But then again, the church did kind of betray me.

The church seems magically real in so many ways ---- but Joseph Smith was a bright guy when he called it "Mormon", because that is an adequate adjective for how the church turned out ----- it seems to true, it seems so magical ------ but something just isn't right about it.

I suppose I have to give my Mom some leeway, I thought the church was so true at one time, backed up by magical experiences, so I can understand why she's so believing in it -

But I learned I can't trust everyone at church, and then I learned that there's something very wrong with the church itself, with how Joseph Smith started it.

How can the problems be reconciled with the magic? Heck, it's doubtful people would likely believe in the magic. But yeah, it's all a mystery.

Seeing the whole lot of Israeli visitors to this blog today, and then seeing such little recent activity anywhere else --- I almost wonder or feel like if I've gotten into any trouble. I hope to stay out of trouble and be a good boy ----

But, undoubtedly, with discussion of religion and politics and all, it could get hairy.

But yeah, that's actually kind of exciting that Apple's CEO is visiting Utah --- to discuss Tech and Social issues. Very cool.

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