Thursday, September 8, 2016

More Personal Communications

More from this Japanese woman:

I figured out her name, and looked it up on Google.

There's an ancient Japanese royal figure who has a very similar name, and the dates involved involve 2 and 3 enough for me to wonder.

I found two facebook pages of people using this name, and the one says she works, it seems, with Marvel Entertainment, which I think belongs to Disney.

This is all very interesting --- I just kind of wish it was plain to understand in english.

Looks like she wants me to fill out the form or something --- which is hard because it's all Japanese.

Something about a transfer ---- Uh oh ---- if money is involved coming to me, either that means I'm obligated to do something or there's something wrong ----- and I'm wondering exactly what I'm obligated to do.

I will just say, that a few years ago an old family friend offered me a job to work for him, and when he mentioned the pay, I couldn't help but accept the job. But when I actually started the job, it entailed life choices I wasn't totally supportive of (like starting my own corporation) and doing very stressful work where if I screwed up then I could easily have been screwed over. I ended up lasting a week at that job.

It looks like this Japanese woman is offering me payment for something ---- but I'm not exactly clear on what ---- and that this involves filling out a form in Japanese, which is hard for me, and then whatever the work involved will be, who knows, and if I don't know what's going to happen, then how stressed out am I going to be? Will I be able to do it? Yoy.

I mean, if this involves Marvel (which I think is now part of Disney, if I know my stuff) then that's pretty interesting, but I almost wonder if I'm going to get stressed.

And there's no guarantee that the Marvel facebook of this woman is even the right facebook, although with the money involved it could be.

I wish we could just have a normal chat in English --- trying to respond to a Japanese Person in Japanese might be difficult, and I'm not sure I want to fill out a form to have payment when I'm not sure what the work will entail. Yoye.

Luckily, there was no mention of confidentiality so far, if I remember, so I hope it's OK to mention this on my blog ---- because I'm not sure what else to do.

The Language barrier is probably the worst thing about these emails so far --- but it's intriguing the information I have found from them.

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