Friday, September 9, 2016

More Japanese Messages

So: I received a bunch more Japanese messages, and from these messages I think it's clear that they are or have responded to what I said about their original messages on this blog.

The thing is: No one from Japan visited this blog in the past while. The two top countries to visit my blog right now are USA and Canada.

One of the responses they sent me said that there would be no burden on me for accepting this money, and a mentioning of how I would have peace of mind if I didn't take the money.

They seem to want me to pretend to fill out the forms, and a whole bunch of stuff about money for me.

What do I think?

Knowing everything I know, from the recent realization of Krieger, and a Jazz Singer, and the 23 involvement, with a past experience where Avril Lavigne once spammed me about her then-upcoming trip to Japan, and also knowing in the past that I have a history of "spamming" Avril with donations for her charity:::

I'm inclined to believe that these messages are just the "revenge of Avril Lavigne" ---- I send lots of messages giving her money, she responds with lots of Japanese messages talking about giving me money.

So, I find it unbelievable that a normal person would just want to give me this kind of money she's talking about, so I'm inclined to believe that Avril Lavigne is just having some fun with me. The clues add up to it being her, I think.

I have had a history of spamming her with donations, so it only makes sense that she'd respond by spamming me with stuff about giving me money, and leaving hints and clues here and there that it's likely her.


Oh yeah, and I read all the email. Japanese is quite broken when translated into English. I did not click on all the links though.

So yeah, seeing as how they responded to this blog, and seeing as how no one from Japan visited this blog that recently, and considering the subject matter and history, I'm inclined to believe it's just Avril responding to me. Good for her.

No normal person would likely give away that kind of money. It could easily all be a joke.

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