Sunday, September 25, 2016

Missing Stuff

The Mormons will tell you that you are always required to forgive everyone and everything --- but then when I did something wrong to the church, they didn't forgive me --- so the Mormons can f*** off about their forgiveness crap.

That's just the way I feel today as I discovered that my Chromebook has gone missing.

I've had numerous items which were of some importance to me just go disappear and missing over the years --- and always being told to forgive everything by the Mormons helped me let go....

But the Mormons don't actually forgive everything --- and it's getting ridiculous how this item of some importance and value which I always kept in one location just ups and disappears - without a trace.

Power cable is gone, Chromebook is gone, nothing found, nothing. Just disappeared.

The Mormons always tell you they require forgiveness ---- but their forgiveness isn't exactly what you'd think it should be, so they can shove it.

So::: has it just gone missing, or has it been stolen? Like, no one in my household claims to know where it went ---- which either means;::

Someone WAS snooping on our house, and took my chromebook,

Or there is a thief in my family.  Someone in my family just outright might be a thief.

That would explain that one time my coffee cup completely disappeared without a trace, and we went looking for it, nowhere to be found, and the next day it was in the sink. No fucking clue.

Unless there's a "special" person in my household who can't be trusted --- and everyone should realise who this person could be, without me naming names. We already know, he's lied before, he's not exactly trustworthy--- and if he's absconding with my stuff ----

Serious??? I'm not supposed to bear false witness ---- but for all the stuff I've had that just magically went missing, there are only really two options::: Someone who comes into our house uninvited and snoops, or this one certain specially mentally ill member of my household.

I mean, my parents are very trusting --- but growing up in this family I know I can't trust the other children in my family ---- there is a very real reason life was hell for me growing up ---- and a reason why I didn't want to be celestially sealed to my family ---- some people in my family are just shite, and I thought we had improved over the years, but maybe not.

Last night I was just thinking about how great it is to see justice inflicted upon serious wrongdoers.

Last night I was thinking about how mormons say everything must be forgiven, but then I realize that some things that some people do are seriously so wrong that they have to be punished.

Anyway, one member of my family had a Karma attack in the past year, and considering how badly I was treated by this sibling in my childhood --- it is actually quite satisfying to see cosmic justice work out this way.

Anyway ----- I thought my family had grown out of the shitty behaviour, but maybe not.

Either we had someone snooping around our house who shouldn't have been here, and they may have offed with my Chromebook ---- or someone in my family just isn't trustworthy, and anyone who knows would know that there is someone in my household who fits that description, based on mental illness experiences.

It's just getting seriously annoying how some important items to me just magically disappear without a trace, like no one else can be responsible with my important stuff. Shite.

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