Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Millionaire Treatment

OK --- I've made my decision.

My advice to anyone out there, is to just completely avoid binary trading, robots, by yourself, whatever - avoid it.

Here's why:::

One company I used to binary trade, they were an amiable company that I got along well with --- but I found that though I won a bit, it was far to easy to just lose your money with them.

I recently tried signing up for, and found upon signing up I immediately started to receive the "Millionaire treatment".

What I mean by "Millionaire treatment" was all the phonecalls I received in just a day or two from them or people like them who want to talk about money and trading and crap.

I mean, it's known that if you win the lottery, you might expect a zillion crazy people to start phoning you up all the time ---- so yeah, that's basically what this was ---- all these phonecalls just for signing up for a  service. Not my kind of business.

So, I sent and the binary broker messages asking them to delete my accounts, I REALLY didn't appreciate all the phonecalls I started getting in just one or two days. That's not normal business.

So, my review of binary trading::: Just stay away from it.

You can still be very profitable trading at a regular bank on a regular market the regular way, and it doesn't involve a zillion spam phonecalls in just a few days either. :)

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