Sunday, September 25, 2016

Looked at Surveillance

So, I just looked at some surveillance we have for the past few weeks --- remember that day I mentioned (september 13th) where we went out, came back, and found something that was where it shouldn't have been?

No snoopers. It just magically happened to be that way.

Paranormal activity, I guess.

My Dad was the last one to leave the house, but he had no idea how that item of his ended up on my desk at that time that day.

SO::::: A preliminary search of surveillance found we had no snoopers.

I know I tried to blame a certain member of my household for maybe causing me some trouble:::

But I can also maybe suspect paranormal activity.

Some footage is way brighter than you'd think it should be,

And we have some people in robes wandering around ---- some of these are my parents, some of these I'm not sure because it's impossible to identify (like because their heads are cut out of photograph).

So:::: nothing unusual except for too-bright lights and unidentified persons in robes, who might've been my mom or dad.

So, we might've had paranormal activity.

Or someone in my house isn't very well behaved.

But there actually is a very high chance of something paranormal having happened, when I think about it. Some things just can't have happened because of a mentally ill family member.

So, it's not his fault::: it might be God, an angel, Ghost, who knows? Just weird stuff.

But if you are an atheist:::: then it's all too likely a mentally ill member of my family, except that bag of stuff on my desk wasn't put there by him and we know that ---- so Paranormal Activity becomes highly suspected in my mind.

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