Sunday, September 4, 2016

I just realized my "mistake"

Wow --- over 500 or about 500 visits to my blog within the past 2 or 3 days. Huh.

But yeah --- I was just in the shower moments ago when I realized I had made an innocent mistake.

Avril Lavigne is holding her birthday promotion. You can donate to her and leave a message.

The message I left her said: "Maybe include canadian provinces (besides quebec) in "State" on form. Also: Avril, I'm very limited in what I can provide this month, because I'm trying to force myself out of debt. Good luck."

I just realized moments ago that my exclusion of Quebec from the list of possible "states" to say your location is in could be seen as "racist".

It was actually completely innocent. Let me explain:::

Avril's rules for her charity promotion say "Regrettably, the residents of certain countries will be unable to enter the Promotion for a variety of reasons, which include local sweepstakes laws and compliance legislation. These countries/provinces are Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Quebec, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen and all African nations with the exception of South Africa. Other countries are void where prohibited."

If you read carefully, QUEBEC IS EXCLUDED ANYWAY.

So, though it might be seen as racist that I would exclude quebec in my posts, I was actually just having these very rules from the promotion on my mind that already exclude Quebec.

You might look negatively at me about my post, but please realize it's Avril's own rules that already had theme excluded.

500 visits to this blog seems like a big deal - I'm afraid I pissed off 500 people with that comment on her promotion.

Any other news? House is clean, having good time ---- but wishing I could buy land in the country, which will probably never happen because it seems pretty impossible for me to actually make money. I'm stuck with a disability income only I guess.

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