Monday, September 26, 2016

Got a Haircut Today

It's a bit late in the evening as I write this post, but I was having some thoughts.

One thing I learned from the vast amount of educational videos I have watched is that psychopathy apparently thrives in the Capitalist system::: Capitalism and Psychopathy go hand in hand, it seems.

Another thing I learned is that, based on stated evidence (in that video), you are more likely to become rich living in a SOCIAL DEMOCRACY --- and not a capitalist state.

In the last Canadian election, my Dad, who is very conservative, was fearmongering me about what other more left leaning parties would do to the country.

I've learned to not listen to or believe in my own family so much anymore --- the mental illness in our family group can be very tangible sometimes. It's very unfortunate, but hey, we create our own realities, and I just know that my one "evil" sister as a kid was deliberately trying to drive us crazy when she was young....

Anyway, in the USA they are all uptight and concerned, or at least some of them are, about the loss of their Gold and Silver money system.

I'm Canadian, so though there's lots of education on the american ways and history, I've had very limited exposure to Canadian history and issues of such matters.

Is the current system perfect? No, it could probably be a bit better ---- but a teaching from one of Sid Meier's Civilization Games clearly explains why currency, or a FIAT money system, isn't necessarily so bad.

FIAT Currency is good for helping everyone stay fed, keeping everyone in good condition, more or less, and I can see this as evidently realistic, with how the differences between FIAT currency and Gold and Silver would be.

So, I do think I have some understanding between the difference of FIAT and Gold, but FIAT appears to have done our society at least some good, so I'm not totally concerned about exactly what materials we use as money or currency.

Sure, Gold has value, but FIAT seems to be eminently more capable of keeping more people happy, unless you misuse a Fiat system ---- but from the Canadian history on such matters, well, Canada just seems to be a much nicer country that what I've heard of the USA.

Maybe I'm just getting rambly in this stuff. I just want to state my support for a caring community that takes care of everyone, whether it be in my own country, or the whole world. Socialism, or social democracy, more adequately fits those requirements, and not the capitalist system.


So, I was hearing news that people are upset about loss of jobs at one Albertan feedlot company.

In my own community, I was just getting a haircut at the local Combeau Cuts barber shop, when I heard the two hair dressers talking about how one has finally paid off her mortgage, and how she can now retire because her husband (I think?) can take care of both of them on his income.

And yes --- there is a job posting available at Combeau Cuts on Bowness Road now ---- so while the Wildrose party is complaining about some job losses, in my own community I see a lady who is wealthy enough to retire, making a new job opening at the business she works at.

In the past two or three haircuts, I was inclined to start tipping more. Today I paid the most I think I've ever paid for a haircut. And it doesn't bother me in the least ----unlike my father, I am not a total tightwad.


My father is a bit of a cheapskate, he's very conservative, and yet he also doesn't have much or any income.

Whereas I followed the Good Ol' Mormon teaching of "give said the little stream" --- I decided to try and pay people for their work and goods, and I feel I'm in good condition in my life.

My Dad is a good person in numerous ways, but in other ways I wish he could smarten up. But, alas, my family just happens to be the mentally ill one.

Mormonism had some good teachings ---- there have been many contributors to mormonism over a long period of time, and they do actually have some very good teachings. But, in the end, I can not accept them as a total at face value ---- they have had their history of bad things which I do not condone.

I mention Mormonism because I quoted one of their children's hymns, "give said the little stream". I can't remember the whole hymn anymore, but teaching a giving attitude was a good idea.

So, I was just having thoughts and all.


Maybe I'll just have to let go of my missing Chromebook too. I've lost a number of things over the years, as if my family can't be responsible around my stuff, but there's not a lot I can do about it.

To be honest, the Mormon teaching to forgive everyone is good and has the right intentions, there is so much goodness about it ---- But Joseph Smith kind of screwed up when he changed the very definition of the word "forgive".

Forgiveness is so good in so many ways, it's a beautiful concept. But as far as I'm concerned, Mormonism screwed up in that area, as they likely did in so many other areas.

And I just wish I could explain to my Mom and sisters what I know of the actual truth about the Mormon church. It's painful for me to see my family members continue in that organization, and just yesterday my Mom was even criticizing my Dad lightly because he (and I) don't keep the Sabbath day like the church says we should.

it's just painful to see my Mom not understand some basic differences between Christianity and what Jesus actually taught versus what Joseph Smith perverted it into.

My mom is supposed to be a very intelligent person ---- but she hasn't taken enough time to fully understand or consider the religion she seems to believe in so deeply, and it does bug me, to see her oblivious to how awful her church actually is or has been.

I hope my Mom will understand some day. I've tried to explain, but it just doesn't take hold in her. She's like oblivious to some basic concepts of the philosophy.

Bugs me.

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