Friday, September 9, 2016

Extremely Nice Japanese Words

So, I got another email from the Japanese speaker a little while ago.

Here is the verbatim Japanese this person sent me:


In english, this translates into: (according to Google translate)

"I want you to be happy, just like that. Even be life if there is no monetary allowance"

How nice of this person!! Wow!!!

this actually just lifts me right up, to hear offers of cash, but even without cash just kind words.

I once said something very similar to Avril Lavigne, and these Japanese messages are like me being treated how I once treated Avril -- almost.

But this lady who shares her name with an ancient Japanese political figure --- who is she? Is this like, what? I don't know.

Well, that was an incredibly nice message to send me, to hope for my happiness, even without money, after offering, seemingly, a tonne of cash,

because I had just finished writing an email to Alberta Health Services talking about how I'm driven to a sort of annoyance or madness with how hard it is to get paid for my work - with no answers why.

Kind words in Japanese - nice touch. Seeing as how a profile of a Japanese lady was involved, I have to wonder what this is really about --- except it also mentioned a tonne of money and a celebrity guest, so who knows. Heh.

But those were definitely nice, encouraging words that lift me out of the dismal despair I've developed just thinking of not getting paid. Even without the money: just be happy. How nice. Beauty.

It's harder for me the relate with the author, because it's not a language I actually understand, but I definitely feel the kindness. It's just so awesome, just receiving those nice words!

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