Monday, September 19, 2016


OK, I just deleted my latest several posts:::: The story line was rather delusional I think - if it were real, it could have been important to me, but no, someone was just playing with me. I deleted the posts because there was absolutely no point in having that much content about something which turned out to be a scam on my blog.

In other delusion news, last night and a night or two ago I was suffering from some serious sleep delusions.

Basically, while I was sleeping, my brain would get an idea that I would absolutely latch onto and believe while dreaming, and this was a problem for my sleep - but when I woke up the delusion disappeared.

Friday night/Saturday Morning I dreamt that I had to finish playing a whole video game before I was allowed to wake up and get out of bed. Problem was: I wasn't playing any video game while sleeping, but my brain kept imagining this educational math problem game that comes with Edubuntu. yes --- that was a pretty bad dream, a bad delusion.

Last night I had the delusion that the Alberta Government was having another election, and this time neither the PCs nor the NDP were running in it. It seemed so real in my sleep, except it wasn't.

And then I also dreamt that one of my uncles died, and the thought of my uncle dying caused me great distress in my sleep, and I was actually mourning - in my sleep.

So, uh yeah. Just sleep delusions and stuff. I guess most people call it "dreaming".

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