Sunday, September 11, 2016

Continued Talking

Still no visitors to this blog from Japan --- but continued messages in Japanese.

The Japanese writing talks about getting a room, pretending to sign forms, and keeps mentioning the word "suck".

OK --- someone is feeling amorous for me, I get it, but I've had a zillion other english emails about the same thing as well.

I suppose I feel good that someone cares about me this way, and I am only reminded of my disability with how I can't actually drive an automobile or transport myself easily.

I also feel like these Japanese messages are like the revenge of Avril Lavigne, because these messages would say or have similar themes like I'd send Avril.

It is actually nice to feel cared for --- but in this case, I'd have difficulty safely transporting myself to this room she'd get with me, and I can only imagine what kind of difficulty the language barrier would be like.

OK ----- LADIES:::::

There is a SMALL chance you might be able to be with me, as a friend:::

You either have to be Avril Lavigne, OR

You have to live locally, and be intensely interested in playing video games with me.

At this point in my life, the woman I'd be looking for would have to be a gamer in a way that we could have fun together. Basically, a playmate. (haha)

But seriously, I'm not totally interested in women anymore, and if I were to have a girlfriend she'd pretty much need to be capable of satisfying my gaming wants and needs.

So, I admire Avril so much just because of how much she has helped me in her way --- Her sk8er boi song was monumental in my life, so I always or usually have an open heart to Avril ---

But for me to have a girlfriend, it's not so much about the sex as it is about the gaming.

But, in the end, I'm not even totally attracted to women either ------

Just today I was trying to explain to my Mom about some of thee problems I've had and I see in the church ---- but I know I can only expect my Mom to continue attending that organization.

As I grow older, my yearning for love grows weaker and weaker, my yearning for gaming grows and grows ------ and in so many ways, women have not been that interesting to me.

I'm all "gaga" about Avril simply because she pointed out the true story of events that happened in my life, while everyone else just seemed to ignore key parts of the story.

Avril Lavigne is "heroic" to me. She's got like, heroic or legendary status in my eyes for what she actually did.

If I don't get Avril, then the kind of girl I would have a relationship with is capable of visiting me at my place, and is interested in playing video games with me and my family. Overt sexual conversation would be frowned upon in my home too --- if the woman is, basically, just all about sex, you can bet it's going to be turned off. It's about a friendship, not about making as many babies as possible, and even less about making as many babies, and then killing as many babies, as possible.

So, if a woman approaches me with much sex in her speech, I usually get disinterested. If the woman wants to play Towerfall with me, that's a lot more interesting.

I may just be overly-obsessed-and-paranoid, but I'd also get it if these messages are just the revenge of Avril as well. Or maybe it's just human nature to fall in love with a famous person.

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