Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Computer Things

To continue on with yesterday's timeline where we found something on my desk that shouldn't be there ---

This morning I woke up and turned on my Raspberry Pi --- which is on this desk. it wasn't working properly.

Later this morning I turned on my mac on this desk (the post I wrote last night was on my Linux Laptop on a different desk) and my mac came up reporting that I was now linked to a new apple watch on my account --- although I didn't link any new apple watches, just this same one the whole time.

My iphone is on this desk, my apple watch is on this desk --- something mysterious about a suddenly even-if-temporarily-broken raspberry pi and a new apple watch report on my mac when there is no new apple watch. All on this same desk. Very weird.

What the heck happened? Why is my desk the centre of this weird activity? What was going on?

I most certainly experienced something coming home yesterday and waking up this morning ---- there has got to be an explanation -- but what it is it?

Big mystery. Something not making sense.

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