Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bunch of Garbage

So: after saying I was ready and willing to receive the funds at any moment, all they sent me was a boatload of more emails and no funds.

So, yeah, I'm inclined to agree with my family that it was all garbage --- and iCloud even told me it looked like junk to them.

So, me and this big company will hopefully just coexist on this issue. I came first, and it's just pretty cool that they had a similar idea, or liked my idea.

I mean, if I get emails claiming to be from someone important, generally I dismiss it as fraud --- but for a little while this looked like it could have been important.

I remember reading an online article that said scammers and hackers often claim to be real people from real companies to try to take your money.

So::: the facebook identity looked real enough --- but the person claiming to be this person was probably lying.

It's just sad how much scams, and how much crap people have developed into our world.

Oh, and the Bananatree games are coming back online.

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