Saturday, September 3, 2016

Anybody Out There?

I get visitors from all around the world visiting this blog,

and I get thousands of downloads of my products:::

Yet very few people leave reviews for anything, and pretty much no body gives me comments suggestions or bug reports in email.

I can think about my Eat Carrots game, and I could suspect there could be a line of code or two I could modify to make the game a bit better --- and maybe add an optional rule to change up the rules a bit, ----- but nobody is asking me for anything. In all my time as a game dev, the most commentary I received was harshly critical and even borderline just trolling on OUYA Forum.

I have to admit, the harsh criticism on OUYA forum did inspire me to improve my game a bit ---- but I am a little disconcerted that no one just writes to me to let me know things that could be improved, or what they think.

I do get the odd email at my game-dev-email, but it usually isn't much of anything to do with my games.

Anyway ---- I asked my Dad if he wanted to play some games with me this evening ---- he is largely not interested in gaming.   In fact, most of the time I usually have no one to play with, so I'm a little sad about that.

I got this email from a gaming-related thing that asked the question "Money versus Morality?" ---- in my mind, this is just a reminder that giving to others is a good thing, and hoarding to yourself not so good.

I can accept that there's all kinds of places money I might earn may end up --- just to help other people out.

And youtube has been telling me that 95% of the money in banks doesn't actually exist anyway, so maybe when most people pay me, there is no dollar bill transfer ----- and me being in Canada might be a different banking system.

So money doesn't exist, and if it did redistribution of wealth could end up happening anyway.

The way to riches, it seems, is through investing.

But developing video games can be great fun ---- and I just wish I could play with other people more.

I can't even drive a car. Guess why I'm on OUYA? Could never afford a whole lot in my life due to poor employment and the fact that people didn't really pay my Dad for his software product. Couldn't afford to learn to drive, or buy a car, or anything. The good part about this is it kept me more securely at home, away from wasting my time and life on a Mormon Mission. I just had to say that ---- though I could have guessed there was something wrong a long time ago, if my parents had more money, with the amount of peer pressure the church puts on people, I would have been more likely to go off somewhere else to tell people the Mormon way. It's good I didn't.

Anyway. Life is actually pretty good for me considering, I'm pretty happy with things.

There are things about the past in my life which I am most definitely disappointed about ---- but I can't control other people very well, and well, it's just good that those problems don't appear to exist in my face anymore.  Growing up can be so hard.

I wish I could have game time- to play with my family (since I don't have much really good friends).

My family is just too busy, young, old, or crazy I guess.

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