Friday, August 5, 2016

Turned a potential exploit against the now-foiled-potential exploiter

So, I've been working on the game more --- writing spaghetti code to try and solve a problem, and then realize the solution is actually much simpler and going back to delete spaghetti code and just making the right fix. Absent minded I guess.

But:: amid some "bug fixes" I made ----- I found a "feature" of the game that could potentially have been used as an exploit ---- so I altered some code and what would have been an exploit becomes a bad idea and is turned against the exploiter ---- so this exploit will NEVER be an issue in an actual release (unless, for some dumb reason, I change the code back).

The game has made a lot of progress, but I have to say --- I'm getting tired of sitting here looking over the same dumb problems for hours on end. I need my breaks. :)

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