Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Value of Freedom of Speech

I am starting to see great value in Freedom of Speech.

Freedom of Speech is being able to say something, without facing serious legal consequences for saying it.

In some cases Freedom of Speech is technically wrong, because some people who say some things, like, for example, using words to hypnotize or instruct another to commit an illegal act --- in cases of giving instruction to do that which is illegal, Freedom of Speech might not be so good ----

But in cases of explaining a position that might not be regularly acceptable by society or culture, Freedom of Speech is really great because you have to be able to make your point without facing serious consequences ---- because  - what if you are actually right? :)

For example:::

People, especially "feminists", are typically completely opposed to anything that might seem sexist.

But in a pyschology lecture I watched on iTunes U today --- the scientific theory, that is based on actual biological observation - was presented (as also possibly fallacious) that women have less developed or less capable Super Egos.

It seems very, very sexist to say such a thing ---- except it can be observed, even by myself, in real every day life.

Remember when I said that my mom and sisters still believe in a church that us men no longer accept because of moral flaws in the theology?

That is an example of a lesser developed feminine super ego. I should've studied psychology a long time ago.

And this is something they actually talked about in an actual university lecture -- and it can be said simply because they have the free speech to say so, and don't have to fear the 'sexism' police.

So freedom of speech can be cool like that --- to state the obvious where someone might get offended --- regardless of the offence, if it's true anyway then it maybe should be stated.


I also learned some interesting stuff about banking and economics. Just very interesting stuff.

I guess my brain might be kicking back into gear --- sort of looking at many subjects, trying to be "well-rounded".

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