Friday, August 26, 2016

The Good News

With my last post which contained much sad and negativity-related content, today I feel so much urge to talk about some good news.

One thing I find at least moderately interesting, is medical science. Or at least, how medical science relates to my own health (and I am not a doctor).

When I was young, I was far less interested in biology and medical stuff. I had absolutely no aspirations to be a doctor.

But having been involved in Canada's socialist health program for so long, it's not hard for me to develop some interest in health-related topics.

How is my personal health? (Not that anyone really cares, but maybe a medical scientist might).

I feel such an urge to talk about about my health, although I'm not sure writing along post is good, though a long post might be necessary to get into detail.

Basically: I'm good.

Psychiatry as been good for me. Paliperidone Invega is a great drug, even with the massive weight gain I experienced.

In fact, the fact that I am rather "chubby" might be in itself good for my brain::: I have learned that fat, or at least some kinds of fat, are good for the brain, and basically, being a bit or rather chubby might actually be good for my mental health.

My empirical data for this goes like this:::: When I was really skinny, my brain wasn't doing so good. When I'm rather chubby, I am doing a lot better mentally. That is the basics of the science as I understand it.

My mental health isn't perfect, perhaps because I'm likely brain-damaged with genetic pre-disposition to mental health issues, but I think my drug has done me a lot of good, and being chubby helps with that.

As for the food I eat, --- this might be a controversial issues considering the kinds of people who would "not approve" of my diet in different ways ---- but I think I am doing well there. too.

If there's a good thing about McDonald's or really most of our Fast Food here in Canada, it's that there's not a lot of added sugar in a hamburger.

I do live on a fast food-based diet generally, the protein keeps me physically strong (which is really wonderful actually, even if I do weigh a tonne with all that meat) and actually, though so many people disapprove of Fast Food especially McDonald's, I am actually inclined to believe that my fast food diet has been GOOD for me, and that being rather chubby actually just helps my mental health.

When I look in the mirror, I see a rather chubby man, but I also feel good about myself, I feel that I am rather "handsome", in my way.

Anyway, medical science is interesting, and I could probably talk for a long time on what I think I know.

Anyway::: The fat food I eat isn't loaded with sugar, so of course I've never been diagnosed with Diabetes. That's a really good thing.  I'm chubby, so my brain is healthier, and all the beef I get form the burgers I understand right now gets turned into muscle for me, so I am able to stand and walk and do things, even with my extra chub. (I actually have really strong legs believe it or not).

If there's one thing that I'm not doing so good on::: it's exercise.  I am not an athlete. I do get probably maybe the minimum I should in exercise, and I'm not the healthiest when it comes to physical activity::: but that's my own fault and not the fault of my food.

Anyway, when it comes to my physical health, I feel pretty good about myself --- and that's good news.

I feel psychiatry has done wonders for me, and I appreciate fast food restaurants because I'm able to get good, easy, tasty meals without a lot of added sugar.

I remember watching a Ted Talk by a doctor who dealt with people with Diabetes ---- she recommended Fatty Foods and less carbohydrates.

Just understanding what I know, the burger places have been pretty good for me --- just get the diet soda.

In our world, a lot of our regular food items have a lot of added sugar. This is not good for us. And I have been eating a lot of food that actually doesn't have the sugar in it, and I'm happier with my condition because of it I think. I do have some sugar in my life, I fear sometimes that I might even enjoy sugar too much sometimes ----- but my staple diet is actually not sugar based.

Oh ---- and as for my home beverage consumption:::

Most of my sodas are diet. For a while my sugary soda was Pepsi Next, with it's 100 calories per can --- which is a lot healthier, I think, than higher levels of sugar.

With Vanilla Coke coming back to Canada recently, it has been a temptation to drink more sugar, so I can only hope eventually they'll brin Diet Vanilla Coke back to Canada.

But most of the sodas I buy are DIET.

But I don't even drink Soda all the time either::: I love tea and coffee, and have the odd zero or less than 0.5% alcohol beer.

I hear green tea is really good for you, and coffee also has health benefits.

Anyway, I guess I can stop blabbing on about my health now:

the basic way I feel about my health is good news::: I AM DOING GOOD.  If one thing could be improved, it would be my exercise habits.

The information in this post is my personal opinion with my own basic medical understanding::: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

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