Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ranking Well

So: since the release of my 8th video game on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year,

No one has downloaded it. Everyone is ignoring. Oh well.

But what is interesting this this:

I bought someone else's game on Cortex a few days ago:

And today, after the ranking update, three (3) of my games are ranked higher than the game I bought not too long ago on the Cortex "Trending Now".

This is very 'feel good' news for me ---- but if I bought a game, and then three of my other games rank higher --- You'd think I'd also have sold some games too right?

OK --- So I'm not seeing sales ---- and yesterday I talked my psychiatrist thinking of all kinds of reasons why it's so hard to make money ---- there are very many possible reasons why I might not be making money ----- but it's just interesting to see three of my games rank higher than a game that I bought a copy of.

That either means that people really are legitimately playing my games, or maybe even that the Cortex business is in good hands and could end up being successful (this does look like good news for Cortex to me).

Of course, part of the fun of being a developer/author would be to see the sales report and get paid ---- but I suppose it's not entirely needed that I receive the money since knowing how I am I'm likely to blow it on the lottery or charity or something.

I mean, with disability, I can get by (for now) living with my parents ---- and it's true that money just has a way of "burning a hole in your pocket" ---- ah well.

Most of the reasons I can think of for why I don't see sales are pretty good, valid and legitimate reasons.

I enjoy OUYA so much that I would hope for their business to succeed. I actually don't get to enjoy OUYA enough because I often have no one to play with. But i enjoy it nonetheless.

Anyway, just excited, happy ----- I bought someone else's game and now three of my games are ranked higher than that game ----- just makes me feel so good in my psyche. :)

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