Sunday, August 21, 2016

Proud to be Albertan

In my vacation, on my journeys, I happened to pass through the Albertan town of Pincher Creek.

Did you know Pincher Creek is near a rather quite sizeable or even large WIND FARM?

I looked up online how much electricity just one windmill can produce --- and with all those windmills near Pincher Creek, along with other windmills I've seen around the province, I think I can feel certain that Alberta's reliance on coal for energy has been reduced substantially.

Growing up in Alberta, everyone was giving me these arguments about why CO2 emissions aren't actually so bad --- but my brother eventually converted to the greenhouse gas theory, and I myself am just inclined to follow Jesus' teaching to agree quickly with your opponent,

so I feel good, I feel proud of my province, for developing a green energy sector like this.

I guess I might as well mention that the campground at Waterton Lakes was actually powered, as I think I was told and might've seen, is powered by a small solar-farm.

Anyway, yeah --- I grew up in school learning about the problems with all the smog and emissions from burning things, and now it feels good to see green energy utilized.

I know Alberta's coal was supposed to be 'clean coal' --- but it still makes me proud to see these wind farms.


I looked more at my rankings on Razer Forge Cortex. I am reasonably certain that I have sold at least some product ---- but sales reports aren't forthcoming.

I am living like a communist. It doesn't matter how hard I try, all I get is my regular monthly payment from the government, and I don't know how well I've failed or succeeded in my work.

Before I started writing this post, I came up with another explanation for why I might not be allowed to see sales:

Maybe it's just not fair for me to make tonnes of money in my work. Let me explain:

I have Albertan AiSH. I have an American ITIN. I build video games and write books.

What if there is another Canadian, or Brit, or Australian, who also writes games/books, but doesn't have disability like I do, and doesn't have an ITIN?

I know - it took me a while to figure out that I should get an ITIN.

If another Canadian is doing as much work as I, through building videogames, but is forced to sell them for free because of no ITIN, and doesn't have the support of disability like I do ---- It is in reality only fair that I would not have a huge giant financial advantage (through sales) at my disposal.

Thinking about this situation only makes me feel compassion for the poor guy who has no income like me, who works as hard as me but can't be paid --- I do feel compassion and that makes me a little proud to be as socialistic as I am, because of course my compassion wants the other video game developer to be taken care of as well.

OK --- that was all just speculation --- but that might be a reason or explanation for why I'm not allowed to have my sales ---- it just isn't fair to the guy whose situation isn't as good as mine, though he did as much work as I did.

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