Thursday, August 4, 2016

Progress on new game

I think I've made a lot of progress in the new game I'm making - especially as I had more ideas on how to run game gameplay.

The new ideas made me think about charging for this game, but alas, I've already said it will be free.

Though I've made lots of progress, there were at least two problems I was trying to solve today which both took me hours to figure out ----- and it's really sad because the actual solutions to the problems were really quite simple and straightforward. I guess my brain is still broken, I guess.

Although, I suppose part of the problem is that the online documentation I was looking at wasn't totally or entirely helpful. One problem I solved by figuring it out myself eventually --- the other problem I solved by looking at the "incorrect" answers given in forum documentation and finding the correct answer among the incorrect answers. Holy cow.

So:::: this game is looking like it's going to be good, and as such I suddenly want to make it premium ---- but I don't want to renege on the statement I already made that it'll be free. Oh well.

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