Monday, August 8, 2016

On the Government and Banking System in Canada

I mentioned last night that I had watched a video about economics and banking.

From a video I watched a while back, the narrator referred to the USA's current "borrow money into existence" system as a "con job"

In this video, the speaker referred to Canada's "borrow money into existence" system as a "great theft by the banks".

Basically: the idea is that under the current system, the government issues a bond, which it gives to the bank, and essentially the bank will print the money and give it to the government.

Seeing as this is how all or almost all money is created, and as how it's to be paid back with interest::: Our governments will NEVER get out of debt under the current system.

What this video talked about is how the actual true legal economic system in Canada is supposed to be "The government prints and spends money into existence" rather than "The government borrows money into existence".

The video said that there'd be no unemployment regardless of mental ability, and that everyone would be taken care of, essentially, if we did things the way they actually legally are supposed to be done in Canada.

I just wonder if I'd be more likely to actually sell my own products if the true system was being used, rather than people and a government making huge interest payments on debt-money, because he said "all money is debt."

I can see value of paper currency over gold money, now that I've thought things through --- in that paper currency is more likely to keep everyone "fed" rather than gold money, but changing the way money is created in our country might just do us some good.

Just saying.

Maybe i should post a link to the video:

So, there you go.

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