Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Video Game Coming

A few nights ago I had a dream about a new video game in the Bananatree series. And in my dream I was so excited about the idea, that I started to build it in my dream.

When I woke up, I was still pretty tired, but I kind of thought: what if this game is a bad idea?

Well, the idea has persisted and I feel rather driven to build it.

Because it's a game I've still never quite seen before, and because it might not be the greatest idea (although - it might still be fun, especially maybe for children) I'm thinking I'll be releasing this game for FREE ---- it's not like I get paid anyway.

For a while I was having some moderately imperative feelings to charge for this game --- but I've been playing around with Linux a lot lately, and it just feels right now to offer another free product.

The game is tentatively, but I like it, named "The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots".

And it's not quite going to be like the other bananatree games. It's still on Banana Island --- but it's no longer the first-person-banana-planter we've all grown to love.

Today I finished programming, or mostly finished programming, the camera interacting with two characters controlled 3rd person.

Here are some of my problems:

1) I am very absent minded, and problems in the code don't stick out in my eyes so it's hard for me to find some bugs I've had to fix. But I've mostly fixed things now.

2) I think my Apple devices' bluetooth are causing interference for my Forge's bluetooth. I had to disable bluetooth on Apple.

3) I think someone out there likes hacking me or trying to hack me. It's come up over and over again in past months ---- but today I changed one line of code in MY scripting, and all of the sudden the OUYA-SDK/Drivers for Forge crapped-out (not by my own doing) at compile time --- the code for the OUYA SDK was very much changed --- but I didn't change it.  At least I found a new ODK at the OUYA dev portal and have updated.

Here's an interesting point:

I might not really get paid for my video games, but it's very interesting to note that it feels like the "Pro" options of software (like Unity) have been enabled for me --- I mean, there was this one type of lighting that used to be disabled for me because it was supposed to be for Pro users --- but I can use it now --- very weird --- it's like someone paid on my behalf for Pro.  Also included in this phenomena is Mixamo ---- I've never personally had to pay Mixamo a dime, and all of the sudden I have like a whole bunch of access to their software, or at least so it seems.

Maybe I did make money ---- and maybe that money is being diverted ---- maybe to finance my game building habit.  I guess that's not so bad. :)

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