Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Game Submitted for Approval

So I've submitted "The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots" for approval.

I fixed bugs, I play tested, I created icons.

During the play test with my brother, there were three main complaints: Icon needs to be more readable (fixed), Instructions need to be a bit clearer (fixed), and "The game wouldn't be any different if it was half or a quarter of the time long".

The last complaint I would disagree with, as:::

During the first long portion of the game, my brother immediately figured out some cheap tactics to employ and if the game had ended quicker, I would most definitely have lost --- without much contesting.

So, during the game I figured out ways to counter his cheap tactics and I came up from behind and I ended up winning the game.

The game was different because of how long it is --- so my brother's comment was not only untrue, but also:::

Just shows that he typically only has fun when he's winning. He's been this way for as long as I can remember. He and one other member of my family are like this.

Yeah, I'm not going to take that last complaint seriously, especially as my brother is the kind of guy who will write to Triple-A game devs and criticize their games harshly, just because he (my brother) isn't winning. Yeah -- it's kind of sad. So no, I'm not taking that last criticism seriously.

And it's unfortunate that any member of my family only has fun when their winning, but hey, I can't change that - it's kind of the way things are, like any of my family's biological mental issues, I think.

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