Friday, August 26, 2016

My Reading

This morning I posted about health and nutrition, which seems like it was a somehow psychically-inspired post, because later today I realized that today's the day my family is going to see the family nutritionist, so yeah, whatever the relationship between plans for today and what my mind wanted to talk about, which seemed like a good feel-good news story for my blog - in it's way.

But now, I am going to talk a bit about what I've been reading.

For the camp at Waterton Lakes National Park I went on --- I was at a dollar store and bought a book sitting on the shelf. I'm only half-way through the book, but I see ideas or themes in the book that sort of remind me of myself, but mostly remind me of a good friend of mine, or at least someone who used to be my friend, before I went crazy.

Well, it's good to see that someone I once was friends with also seems to have a little bit of "fame" - so I can stop thinking about myself, and be reminded of him.

Anyway, yeah, just a book that reminds me of my friend --- and I'm only halfway through.

Yesterday I was at a grocery store where I saw a comic book in the magazine section. I don't normally see comic books like this in the magazine section, but for some reason I felt a great urge to buy this comic book, so I did.

Anyway, though it is pretty separate from myself and my work, it does bear some resemblance, as if it were inspired, by my own work.  This is actually a feel-good thing for me, imitation and flattery as it goes, makes me feel loved in a world where it's hard to get paid ---- so I can appreciate this comic ---- but yeah, it's use of Nautically eaten Carrots, Banana Split Puns and use of the word "Moron" and seeing how it's out just weeks after my latest video game, causes me to feel loved in that I might've inspired the famous-creators of this comic.

Anyway, yeah, just what the stories in the comic talk about remind me of my own work, pretty specifically, although the stories are different and only lightly touch in relation to what I do. It's just that 3 matches like this in one comic book is probably more than coincidence (to make me feel loved) especially after release of my latest videogame.

Anyway, just noting this on by blog::: in a world where people don't pay for things, where trolls abound and life feels so abused sometimes, it's nice to see some "imitation" flattery from more famous individuals. Because, seriously, 3 matches and it must've been inspired by me, which helps me feel better and loved.

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