Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why people hate me?

In the past 24 hours, I can see reported on Blogger than people from 9 (nine) different countries have visited my blog.

I look at my page for The Book of Finch, and realize that most people don't leave any reviews for my books, most people don't pay a dime, and of the reviews that are left, so many of them are so low rated (eg 1 star) that I can't help but wonder if I'm just hated.

You see my life has just been very shitty since the beginning. From being seriously assaulted by a sibling, to being hypnotized to kill people by the kids at school ---- my life has been so absolutely shitty it can be seen as no wonder why people hate my book so much --- my life has just been so utterly fucking awful.

But it's a true story, and I can't help but wonder if people just hate the truth.

Anyway. Hmmm.  The Book of Finch, the first book in the series, starts off with so many 1 star reviews --- but by the time you get to the last book in the series, a pirating website said there were almost 10,000 reviews that gave it an average rating of 4.5/5.

Anyway, just kinda complaining about how my life has been so shitty that people can't help but hate me because of how shitty my life has already been, etc etc.

From having a moral compass being instructed to hurt people by the church, to having members of this church bear false witness against me behind my back ---- yes, my life has just been absolute shit.

It's just sad that people seem to reject the value of my true story.

There are lots of Mormon-related books on Amazon, and many of them have high ratings regardless of if they are pro-mormon or anti-mormon ------ but somehow, my life's true story, the life of a seriously abused man, gets treated like shit, yet again.

So sad.

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