Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back from Vacation

I just came back from a vacation at Waterton Lakes National Park. Got close enough to a bear to be eaten by it --- lucky me that the bear wasn't interested in me or my food. Just kind of walked away.

Probably the biggest news from this camp is the few telepathy tests I did:

I did maybe 3-5 Alphanumeric Pick 3, and my memory is sketchy but I'm sure I got about 2/3 on the first two that I tried. I remember after getting two 2/3's in a row like that, I felt like I could win a prize for discovering paranormal --- but after failing subsequent tests at Alphanumeric Pick three, I decided to try out PICTURE TELEPATHY with my parents.

We did 4 or 5 picture telepathys, and 3 of them I did really quite well on. OK --- my pictures were never exactly the same thing as what my parents had in their originals --- but on 3 of the tests You could see that I had taken what they had drawn, and just elaborated on it and turned it into something bigger.

It might not make sense to you unless you saw the pictures --- but when looking at what they drew and what I drew, I could see how close I got.

For example: my dad drew a log, and I drew a wooden chest ---- two different drawings, except that my Dad's log appears in the drawing of the wooden chest. Weird eh?

Kind of like how my Dad's tree turned into a sailboat. If you saw the drawings (which I burned) --- you'd see a certain resemblance, which tells me that the telepathy is real.

The one thing I have on my mind other than the camp and the telepathy I did on the camp is the small amount of discussion about my past life as a mormon on the camp.

I didn't go on any long tangents on camp about the Mormons, but one thing I did think about and verbally stated was this:::

Regardless of whether or not I personally work miracles, it doesn't matter how you cut it --- the LDS Mormon church lied to me.  The spent years of my life indoctrinating me with how true they said they were ----- but just a logical look at what they said and how they treated me and it's clear they lied.

What I mean is this: If I can work miracles, and if I can hear the voice of the holy ghost, as the patriarch, who has "authority" said I can or do --- then the church lied to me when they contradicted, denied and told me to deny my testimony of the holy ghost.

if I can not work miracles, then the church lied to me when they said I could work miracles.

It doesn't matter how you cut it ---- I am just not personally compatible with Mormonism after the way they treated me.  Even if I could get past their questionable history and be with them as friends ---- well, they weren't really being my friends, were they?

I don't want to go into a long discussion ----- not only did they lie to me, but they just weren't very nice in the end really anyways. Some of them are very nice very good people --- but for the individuals who actually counted in my experiences, it just didn't work.

I did see some Mormons in Cardston on my trip --- and they definitely seem very good, nice, clean, well-mannered ---- but it wasn't hard for me to juxtapose that with my personal experiences with their people, a bit deeper under the skin than the superficial cover they have over the whole thing.

Whited sepulchres anyone?

On the surface in Cardston they seemed really nice and clean and courteous and polite ---- but then remembering how life actually was as one of them, and it was a disaster.

Anyway, time to end my post now, I guess.

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