Monday, August 22, 2016

At a "fork in the road" in life

Who needs a college education when you've got YOUTUBE?

I watch a lot of Youtube. Youtube seems to tailor itself into telling me things that I would be interested in knowing, or things maybe I should know.

What's sad is, there are a lot of very educational videos on youtube --- but I look at their view counts and see that practically no one has seen them. OK -- I'm saying 50,000 views is still practically no one considering the size of Canada or the USA.

It's very interesting how we live in a democracy, and we the people are supposed to be in charge --- but certain modern speakers of our era have declared that most people are actually very stupid, and I am inclined to believe this.

You see, when video game videos or "Let's plays" garner so many hundreds of thousands, even millions of views, you know what people are watching ---- while some EXTREMELY educational and informative videos have much smaller view counts, and if everyone just knew about these videos, there could be massive tectonic shifts in how our society operates.

One thing that's going on in my life, and I think Google, or someone, might be watching me or know this about me (and I realize this because of the videos in my Youtube feed) --- is that I paid off my debt last month. I charged up my debt again this past month, but I'm going to pay it off again very soon, and have in fact cut up my credit card and am planning to cancel my overdraft protection on my chequing account, so I can start to consistently live in positive balance territory and even save money.

This is where youtube comes in:

I'm at a fork in the road for my life. One thing I thought I could do to save money would be to buy High Yielding Bond ETF on the stock market, and collect lots of interest.

The interest for me, however, is debt and a payment for someone else.

And google has been very good to educate me that debt is a huge problem for a lot of people.

First: I don't think if I invest in bonds will in the slightest affect other people's debt, because I've learned that even if there's no money in the bank to loan out, that the bank can pretty much just print more new FIAT currency to loan out ---- so, technically whether or not I personally invest in bonds I don't think will make much of a difference --- but Google has been trying to shame me about the idea of holding people, essentially, in debt slavery.

First off::: I was educated enough in school to figure out how to pay off my own debts - so that's an accomplishment. If everyone could just read the right books or listen to the right instructors, well, that knowledge could be power for them. Personally, I found investing to be extremely useful in paying off debt --- but it is very important to learn good investment tactics.

Anyway, secondly, if people knew about how central banking worked and how messed up the economy truly is with the national debt (and so on and so forth), they could easily, in a democracy, figure out a very easy and simple solution to the problem.

Remember the "Occupy" movement from several years ago? That movement was headed in the right direction I think, but looking at the view counts of these certain educatioinal youtube videos, I don't think most people have the foggiest idea how the system really works or the very simple solution they could use to fix it.

So, back to my fork in the road:::

Should I become a politician to clean up the national economy, or should I just leave things the way they are and use 'the way things are' to my personal gain?

Unfortunately, I don't see much change likely ever happening unless people find the right education and figure out the problems, and knowing how most people aren't the brightest, this isn't likely to happen.

Basically, people's ignorance is their own demise, and my blog is not popular enough to spread the word far or wide enough to change things around here.

With my own father, I try to explain things to him and he often doesn't seem to care about the actual truth or how to solve it. I'm afraid this will be a problem with most people.

"if you can beat 'em, join 'em".

If people can't pull their heads out of the sand, get educated, and figure out solutions in a public forum, then the solution likely will never be found, and I will be extremely tempted to just take advantage of the way things are myself.

Democracy works when large portions of the population make decisions together, and have discussion::: unfortunately, I'm afraid most of the population is content to just watch "Let's plays" rather than get educated. It probably also doesn't help that there's a certain portion of the population which is essentially just trolls who don't care about the common good or anybody's welfare, but anywho.

There are some interesting and simple solutions to certain problems, but people's ignorance is their own demise. If people are to ignorant to change the way things are, then I just may be inclined to take advantage of the way things are myself --- as I understand some of how things work.

And really, when so many people downloaded my work, read my books, yet couldn't pay the smallest price for my efforts, it's not hard to want to take advantage of the system.

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