Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Almost Comical Insight on my iOS media

My last post said I was at a fork in the road, where I could become a politician to try to solve a problem that only tens of thousands of people have much education about according to Youtube --- and that more people would need more education in order to democratically change our society.

I said if people remain ignorant that I could make a choice to just take advantage of the problem.

Well, today, on my iOS media, Tai Lopez released a video (which I haven't watched) about how to send a message to a million people ---- and then on my Apple Music I see a new single from one of my favourite bands, Alter Bridge, that talks about "show me a leader who won't compromise".

Having just recently talked about very relate-able issues on my blog just two days earlier, I can't help but wonder if this is media urging me to take a moral position, and even just try to make an effort to change how our society is run.

The issues with me becoming a politician myself is that it's scary just how mentally ill my family is --- this does not reflect well on me --- and that I have taken many positions in my life which might be viewed in a dim light by so many people.

Personally, I have come  up with ways to view the female sex in a dim light, so it's very interesting that our local NDP MLA (who I supported) is featured on an Album Cover depicting violence against women.

I mean, I like the NDP in so many ways (although if I were to run I'd probably be independent) and it's just interesting how there is a sort of clash with the female sex in my life, and how my local MLA was featured on a music album cover that technically discusses the sort of issue.

Anyway, with the mental illness in my family, with seriously controversial issues throughout my life, I'm not sure I'm the one to solve some problems. although, it would be fun try, maybe, because as a young person I often dreamed of running for parliament.

I am typically throughout my life recognized as an intelligent individual, except for when my brain breaks, as is seemingly common in my family.

Anyway, just interesting that the things I spoke about on my blog two days ago seem to have just been directly responded to by a favourite musical group and an educational speaker. It just seems that way to me --- as if they are telling me to shoot for the moon or whatever, to try and make my fix for society.

Besides declaring the Mormon church to be a public nuisance, economically, for Canada, I would just have the government print money to pay off all the bonds the government owes, and never borrow money into existence again ---- I would direct the government to just spend money into existence. It's easy enough, it might create a bit of inflation, but I'm open to ideas about how to get rid of the debt, and just printing money and spending it into existence is the best I can think of.

Who would be opposed to this? Anyone who stands to benefit from Canada Savings Bonds, essentially. :)  But hey, I'm just posting this solution here in the hope that someone else will learn and take up the charge, because I've got enough problems in my own life that might hold me back.


Today, in my talk with my father, I will just mention a little problem with LDS Mormon Doctrine, that is irreconcilable and proves they are a dishonest church:

The Mormons teach their people to become like GOD, to try and be like JESUS. They even wrote songs about this concept.

The Mormons tell their people that they are REQUIRED to FORGIVE EVERYONE.


So basically, the LDS church tells us to always forgive everything, but then tells us we're trying to become like a God who has a hard time forgiving.

Think about that for a moment--- let it process ---- it should become clear the LDS church is lunacy. But anyway.

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