Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Cause of the Insanity

So, tomorrow I'm getting my next injection (so maybe I'm being a little mentally-ill-like obsessive about the church that raised me right now), and I just thought of a list of things about the LDS Mormon church that don't make any sense at all, and in order to help anyone who might be wondering about Mormonism, I'm going to explain some of my confusions here:

1) Spencer W Kimball in his book "The Miracle of Forgivess", if I remember correctly, said that the woman who was not stoned for adultery at Jesus' behest was not actually forgiven --- she would have to prove her repentance through hard work before she'd be forgiven.

So, she wasn't punished, but she wasn't forgiven either.

While if you read D&C 64 and have any experience with actual Mormon legal affairs, the church is constantly forgiving people AND punishing the people they forgive:::

So while a normal person would say "forgiveness involves a removal of penalty", the LDS church appears to show some kind of system of punishing the forgiven and not punishing the unforgiven. Seriously confused.

2) It might take a while to notice this one, since there's a lot of information regarding Joseph Smith and Mormonism, but sometimes we get reminded that, according to Joseph Smith, because the USA Government did not redress the wrongs of the state of Missouri against the Mormons that the USA government would be overthrown and broken.

But then in another of Joseph Smith's prophecies he talks about how the US Constitution will hang by a thread and it will be the elders of the Mormon church who will save it.

Yeah --- go figure --- Joseph Smith, as far as I am aware according to the history I have been told, prophecied both in favour, and in opposition, to the US Government and constitution. Seriously confused --- why doesn't he just take a position and stick with it? Total flip-flopper.

3) And a few days ago I mentioned the church tells you to forgive everyone, but also tells you to be like God --- but God, in Mormonism, isn't much of a forgiver himself. It just gets confusing at that point.

The above information can be found in commonly understood information about the Mormon Prophet or church publications.

The good news, in my personal life, is I have some understanding that my Mom asked my Dad some church related question ---- because I found my Dad explaining all his personal experience reasons why he doesn't go to church.

To me, it's just good that my Mom will hopefully develop an understanding that the church is not what it claimed to be, and why I/we don't want to be involved.

Basically ---- while the men of my family totally dropped out of mormonism, my Mom and sisters stayed involved ---- and it's just good to see my mom ask my dad a question and for him to explain to her his viewpoint on the whole thing.

Church history is questionable to begin with ---- but even if we got past those problems and still wanted to be part of a social group ---- well, the men of my family each have our own reasons why the church doesn't even operate very well as a social group of friends.

And the good news is that my Mom asked my Dad about it, and he explained to her his position. She asked, I hope she listened to the response, and maybe, maybe some day, we'll all be able to move on with our lives.

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