Thursday, July 14, 2016

To be honest...

To be honest about my computing news, I was using Manjaro, until yesterday I discovered that my laptop wouldn't boot while using battery power with Manjaro. So I've switched to try Linux Mint.

Manjaro was pretty nice, though it lacked great polish ---- while Mint is definitely polished, and also boots on my laptop while battery powered.

But yesterday, the thing that was on my mind that I would've written about if my laptop would have booted is this:

Yesterday my mind was full of thoughts about some of the negative experiences in my life, and then I felt pretty bad for a while about those thoughts ----- for a long time I was in denial about my mental illness, but everyone else who looked at me somehow could tell I was mentally ill. Well, now that I"m seeing my thoughts and feeling the feelings attached ---- yes, I do feel mentally ill, and it does actually suck.

Part of me wants to be a productive member of society --- but a lot of me is weighed down by massive negative experiences.

Last time I talked to my doctor, she referred to some of the repetitive negative thoughts I was having as "trauma".

So. yeah. I'm all screwed up.

But today's real news is that I'm now using Mint instead of Manjaro because it's more compatible with my laptop ---- and I finally signed up for and installed Spotify for fun to try out. Great goodness that this service comes with Mint.

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