Tuesday, July 19, 2016

They're Watching Me

Not only does Google seem to respond to my blog posts and email with related Youtube videos, but also when I post on blogger it is appearing that sometimes "those guys" in the media also make reports on my Apple News on my iPhone that have some level of relationship or mimicking of what I'm writing.

I'll explain what I mean:

A week ago I told my story about how the LDS church forgave me.

As a blogger, I am essentially some kind of news reporter, in essence, I think. Well, shortly after I made that post, Canadian news through Apple News posted a story about a Canadian Reporter who also got forgiven in a similar way as I after an incident near FINNigan (spelling?) lake north of Belleville Ontario (where Avril Lavigne was born).

And then, this morning when I watched videos about Socialism, and Ezra Taft Benson's opposition to Socialism, I made my comment that Jesus was trying to pay me for my service to Him through Avril Lavigne, and how the LDS church wouldn't let me receive this payment.

Well, just hours later on Apple News, there was a story about Federal Government Employees who aren't being paid properly and are being required to get loans from their parents to survive, which is kind of similar to what I said on my blog about myself (except my parents didn't have much money themselves so getting a loan from them would've been hopeless).

And there was another story about an Alberta PC Government leader who had a "$20,000 Cell Phone Bill" -- which reminded me of how I was put on AiSH for believing in Telepathy and how AiSH is worth about $20,000 a year these days. Reminds me way too much of myself - this news story is so coincidental to me, though it's about something different, technically, as if even Regular News Media was just a distortion of the actual story.

Anyway ---- so::: Do I really view Avril Lavigne as my payment from Jesus?

You know how "The Secret" teaches you create your own reality?

I am having memories of talking to God when I was 13 or 14 years old, creating a deal with Him where I would serve Him all my life in exchange for exaltation ----- and I also asked him for a million dollars -------- and it may have all been put forth in a plan I gave him for my life where if my friendship with my then-crush didn't work out, and if it didn't work out for a good reason, then God would enable me to do my service for Him through some great payment system.

1) Knowing how absolutely bogus the thinking patterns of my classmates and people around me in general were, it wasn't hard to expect that my friendship with Annie Liability was going to end for no good reason, I think I even planned for the possibility of that happening, if I remember correctly.

2) I even think I remember walking out of the psychiatry office in 2001, being told I was crazy to believe in miracles and predicting the future, just praying to God that a rock star would tell the true story of what actually happened --- because people weren't listening to me.

And God responded with the asked for action. I got what I was looking for.

So many times in my life God has become real for me in my life, I ask him for something and BOOM it happens.

Though so many people argued against my relationship with Avril::::

I may have been stuck in a pro-Avril-relationship position permanently because IT WAS WHAT I PRAYED FOR.

So, there you go::: I really do view Avril as coming from God for me, and it's interesting to see how news stories on Apple News so closely relate to my blogger posts.


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