Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Lights are back

I would like to note that today my home has had 3 different computing devices have difficulty connecting to the internet. We did recently change our internet service a bit, so who knows, but it is weird how three computers in one day have had this difficulty.

I had just finished watching a "conspiracy theory" video on Youtube, I put my ipad down on my bedside table, and was laying in my dark bedroom.

There was a white glow, I'd say pretty bright, emanating from somewhere in my bedroom.

And it just disappeared.

It was there, for a while, plainly visible, and then it was gone, no idea where it came from or what it was doing there or how it disappeared or anything.

I am feeling a bit freaked out.

But then again, last night I had a similar experience where I was adjusting my head on my pillow in bed when I saw a bright light near my bedside-table iPad.

I thought about reporting that last night, but decided not to.

The light last night looked kind of like a hand or a finger trying to interact with my iPad --- and it was glowing a bright white. And it just disappeared too.

I did recently just get my psychiatric medication. Days before the medication I felt a bit "light headed" as the meds were wearing out in my body, after receiving the med my head feels better, but I have had these sudden white light experiences in my dark bedroom.

It's the weirdest thing and it seems so crazy. I do actually feel a bit scared. Right after I wrote that I felt a tingle envelop me all over my skin. Yikes.

I understand that some people may not take a post like this seriously --- but to me, as of the experience, it is as real as ever.


My hopes and dreams lately have centred around this idea that I felt like or dreamt that i could be a farmer, that I could grow crops and stuff. That takes training and money though.

One thing that I do need to be trained in however, is transportation::: I am very limited in my life by not being able to transport myself very well.

I might have to try and save up for driver's ed, and maybe I could try going for like a Class 7 or Class 6 license to drive a moped or something --- just to get around. That might be a good idea or a good way to get started.

Anyway, I do have some kind of attraction to the idea of growing crops, and I realize that if I'm going to get anywhere in life, I should learn to drive.

I should just note that being a farmer is just the way I feel recently, there were other ideas I had for things to do in past months as well. It all takes a lot of work, training, and money though.

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