Saturday, July 16, 2016

Problems with Forge Gaming

When I'm trying to have fun with my Forge TV, today I ran into a difficulty where my controllers weren't working very well.

It first started with my Serval being very - just like an old OUYA on wifi-ish - and then I tried connecting with my old OUYA controllers, finding out that the system worked beautifully at that point.

I even discovered that I could quit a game on Forge with an old OUYA controller by holding down the system button for a second or two, and this would quit the game.

Anyway, long story short:::: though the OUYA controllers WERE working perfectly for a while ----- everything suddenly disconnected and I am experiencing great difficulty trying to enjoy my Forge System with any of my controllers.

1) Considering that the system ever worked just fine, I find it hard to believe that this is just normal for Forge --- unless the Forge system is a big prank/joke for everyone to "enjoy".

2) I suppose it's possible, with how messed up my life's story is, that the owners of the Forge TV system (eg Razer) might've maybe decided they didn't like me, so they're giving me a hard time when I try to use my product.  This definitely seems possible, and there was a time when trying to publish a game that I might've had some difficulty with them ----- but they've never fully explained to me in writing that this is the case, so I am left with a third possibility:

3) There is a manufacturer or devices who likes pranks, jokes, and practical jokes, and when I'm using my Forge in the vicinity of such devices, maybe these devices (manufactured by a practical joker) emit erratic radio frequencies on bluetooth or whatever, or just jam the bluetooth communications.

Those are the major three possibilities I see for this situation. There's really no reason my controllers should have such difficulty unless everyone's Forges were poorly programmed, or there's a practical joke device in or near my home, or maybe Razer just decided they didn't like me and are giving me a hard time. Who knows.

I can definitely understand, considering the history of my life, that I may very much be very much disliked by people.

Considering how low my games are often ranked on the OUYA/Cortex rankings, it is not hard to suspect that I am disliked or even hated.

I understand how there could be a problem with people disliking me.

I will just say that I've switched course in my life since before, I'm on a different path than what I started out on, and I've tried to turn things around in my life that were wrong.

And, finally, maybe people just don't like me because people are generally illogical, irrational, and really are just dicks deep down inside ----- this definitely seems possible considering all the experience I've had with humanity.

Maybe people mistreat me just because they are people and this is just the way people are.  It's annoying as hell, but to be honest it does seem pretty normal considering it's like, always been this way all my life ---- someone has always got to have a problem.

Last night on YouTube I had just been watching a video where two scientific "celebrities" were discussing with each other how most people do poorly at math and are generally illogical and irrational --- this is the majority of the population.

I was usually or always very good at math, and I am an intensely logical thinker. I do not understand how people could be so careless with how they think and behave, although I do understand that this is just the norm for humanity. Oh well.

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