Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On LDS Forgiveness (Again)

Ever since I was very young, growing up in the LDS church, I was always being constantly reminded of the D&C 64 scripture that teaches that we are REQUIRED to forgive ALL men.

I went through so much abuse in my life, never lifting a finger in response to the abuses I bore, following the LDS requirement to forgive.

And whenever I talked about potentially punishing someone for their evil actions, the LDS church just reminded me "you are required to forgive them".

So::: having forgiven so much pain against myself in my own life, I decided to test the LDS church on how they forgive people.

So, I caused a little trouble for the LDS church or people in my life, only to discover that the LDS church institutes forgiveness by locking you up, forcing you on drugs, and telling you not to believe in God anymore.

I mean, wow, holy crap.

I went through all that abuse in my life, being told to always forgive and thus believing there was nothing I could do in response to all the crap I got in life ----

but when testing the LDS church on the topic of forgiveness, they give a very heavy-handed version of forgiveness that involves detention, chemical abuse, and removal of constitutional rights.

Holy crap.  I can't believe in this church anymore.  After everything I had ever forgiven, and this is how they treat me?  Holy crap. I forgave so much by not lifting a finger against the offender, and the church has now taught me that forgiveness involves serious abuse and condemnation of offender. Wow. Not what I was expecting.

The church can go away now.

It's just too bad the women of my family haven't figured these things out yet.

But yes --- that was a total load of hypocrisy, where I'm being told to not respond to serious abuse that builds up over the years, and if I do one thing wrong myself, the forgiveness I receive comes in the form of an extreme penalty.

I do not like the church anymore, I will just say. They lied.

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