Friday, July 8, 2016

Looks like HOTM looking at me

Just 53 minutes ago HOTM (Heart of the Matter in Salt Lake City) released a video on Youtube which I found in my youtube feed and watched where a caller named "Kristian" calls in to the show and asks the host if Christians should watch secular movies.

The simple title of the video was peculiar enough for me to click on --- but when I saw that the caller shared his name with me ---- well, it's starting to get a bit coincidental considering the subject matter of my life.

Anyway ---- the show mentions this Kristian character wanting to come on to the HOTM show for his Honeymoon ------

This is all too representative to me of like an invitation for ME (yes, me actually) to go to their show and visit them. This call-in looks too contrived to be real --- if it's real then it's awfully coincidental with myself.

It would be nice to tell people about my experiences on that show (not unheard of to happen in that context) ---- but I don't drive, and I'd hate to travel alone ----- and I have no friends, and no one in my family would likely support me in this venture, even if all the men of my house have turned away from the LDS church.

It's nice of HOTM to post this video, I actually welcome this feeling of invitation ------ but I'm not at a stage in my life right now where I can go where ever I want ------ I don't drive, and I'm pretty friendless and I don't want to travel alone ----- and my family is either still Mormon or doesn't want to hear anything about Mormonism anymore.

But, though this video feels like an invitation to me ----- it wasn't an explicitly stated invitation explicitly to me ---- it was just implied.

What fun.

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