Friday, July 22, 2016

Life is Like a Dream

So, after last night's post, I was up this morning wondering if I should feel a bit, well, uneasy or "weirded" out by myself having last night's experience and then reporting the occurrence on my blog ---

I'll just say that some real cool stuff appears to be going on --- and I know that I probably shouldn't go into detail.

I mean, I'm not sure exactly what to do about what's going on rather than write, and just experience, but there is definitely some cool stuff happening, and it is almost like torture to have to know that I should probably keep my mouth shut on the details.

Basically, I'm just alleviating the torture of keeping a secret by saying stuff is happening, because yeah, what I saw this morning was too exciting ---- and I am so clueless about what to do about it. I only saw it.

I'm basically stuck in a dumbstruck state of awe ---- sort of ---- basically, no idea what to say, yet seeing it as exciting.


On the topic of keeping secrets:::: It can be like a torture sometimes to have to keep a secret ---- when I was first having my sexual problems since age 14, I was too embarrassed to talk about it, but lying about it and keeping it secret wasn't good for my psyche either.


Yeah, stuff happens, some experiences are easier to keep to oneself than others ---- this morning I'm going "cool!" but also knowing I probably shouldn't say much. It's like torture, kind of. :)

I don't feel scared about this morning's "no detail" news, but I wonder if I should be. Hah.

Oh ---- and I'm just operating completely on my own assumption or presumption that I am not wanted to be explaining this experience. I just have doubts that this is something I should go into detail about.

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