Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Knowing Things from Telepathy

Telepathy is absolutely amazing.

It lets you know stuff that no one told you to your face. And I'm certain it works. I am able to repeatably demonstrate it over and over again with some level of success.

A few months ago I heard a telepathic thought say "MASSIVE AIRSTRIKE!!!" --- and then hours later my Apple Watch told me a report from a newspaper that the Americans killed hundreds of people in an air strike just moments earlier.

Well, this morning, about the time I typed this morning's post about my issues with LDS forgiveness ----

My telepathy was telling me that there was some kind of judgement somewhere that awarded me some great sum of money due from the LDS church.

I realized that this telepathy could be telling the truth, and I could only hope it was real,

and then something happened today.

My Dad got a phonecall from a business --- a business owned by at least one or two LDS people ------

The LDS business, which my parents still use, decided to tell my Dad that he's now getting a certain special discount on his service.

I don't know exactly how the situation works, or how much the discount is,

All I know is that a  telepathic judgement awarded me some great sum, and now an LDS business is charging us less than would be normal in this circumstance. Wow.

Interesting eh?

Telepathy is so cool.

Anyway ---- that's what I understood from the situation, with my telepathy at hand.

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