Saturday, July 9, 2016

I am sick/insane

I was just watching a movie, combined with various youtube videos, and I'm seeing now::

I am insane.

George Carlin, the Acclaimed public speaker, once gave a talk about women and men, but mostly women.  He said women are crazy and men are stupid, and women are usually crazy because men are stupid.

Something has become clear to me.

I am a woman with a penis.

I was one of the smartest kids in school ---- another very smart kid in my class happened to be an actual female, just to note.

A few months ago I told my psychiatrist I had a dream where I got a sex change, where I physically became a woman. Now I understand.

I'm not going to get surgery or dress in drag or anything ---- but I have some more understanding of the psychology and science now.

I was smart. I was not stupid like a man, like how George Carlin stereotyped men.

And I'm crazy. I'm absolutely insane, like how George Carlin stereotyped women.

And I even have an idea of why I'm insane too::: Just like George Carlin said, because of all the absolute stupid crap I've had to put up with in my life.

I'm sort of attracted to females, but not nearly as much as other men would be I'm sure.

So, in so many ways, I am more of a female than a man --- it's just that anatomically I'm a guy.

But I'm crazy like woman, and I'm not stupid like man.

And I have to say::: I'm kind of sick of my crazy life. I like my life more these days, now that things have calmed down so much -----

but what my life once was is absolutely sick. I was insane, straight out of my mind in those situations.

And actually ---- my insanity technically wasn't a problem with me ---- my insanity was actually a normal, regular, natural response to the situations I was presented with, I think.

I even had a dream where I physically became a woman once. Wow.

Anyway. I'm sorry I'm crazy, I can't help it --- George Carlin was absolutely correct in his observation that the insanity or craziness is caused by environmental factors such as other people --- there's no denying that, and I even agree.

It is so sad life turned out that way ---- but if the stereotypical male really is stupid, then I suppose it may have been unavoidable.  Boys will be boys, as they say. Although for me, it wasn't just men, it was also partially driven by some women too.

So there you go::: I always wondered why God gave me man-boobs, and now I know, I must be part female. weird. Naturally part female. Huh. I think I've heard such things mentioned before.


And it's just too bad that my Manjaro crashed as I typed this post ---- maybe I can observe that Blogger works best with the current LTS version of Ubuntu, rather than with any newer or updated software, weirdly enough. Just a guess.

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