Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Commentary on PragerU's Youtube video about how Socialism makes us selfish

This blog post is more of a commentary rather than a response on PragerU's video about how socialism makes us selfish.

In the video, they say we think socialism is selfless while capitalism is selfish, while the opposite is true: socialism is selfish while capitalism is selfless.

I thought about my own life. There was a time when I was quite capitalistic.

Did you know that Ezra Taft Benson, past prophet of the LDS Mormon church said that Socialism would never be established in America, and that the LDS church would make sure of that?

(I'm pretty sure that's something like how I remember he said).

Well, I was just thinking about my life, and regardless of how Benson thought the LDS church would keep socialism out of america :::

I've just realized that the LDS church actually FORCED ME INTO SOCIALISM -- it was essentially the church's own fault that I'm socialist now, regardless of how anti-socialist Benson said he was.

Basically, the church put me on AiSH, and that is an extremely socialist move, to put it simply.

My other option than AiSH was for me to be with Avril Lavigne --- Avril Lavigne was essentially my payment for how I offered to serve God all my life. The church preferred that I not serve God, that I not get paid with a Rockstar girlfriend, and that I end up taking socialist welfare for the rest of my life. That's what the church preferred.

So, though Benson in one video/talk I watched once clearly stated he was completely opposed to socialism and that the church would not allow socialism in america:

It was in fact his own church that forced me into a socialist lifestyle. Unbelievable eh?

Is socialism selfless or selfish? I can see the argument for how socialism might be a bit selfish, but it's also selfless at the same time --- or at least, depending on the characteristics of who you are and how capable you are.

Personally, I view myself as not receiving a whole total lot of goodness from the government, while the work I do might be "secretly taxed" and I earn nothing for my efforts.

Hmmm --- Capitalism would have earned me more than socialism I think, so for me in my own case, I am actually kind of being selfless as a socialist, so I actually think PragerU is wrong in this case.

My life could have been so much more if I had been allowed to be with Avril, who was my payment for a life of service --- but instead I can't even afford my own car or home to live in, while my efforts are either not paid or are being "secretly taxed".

Sorry PragerU, I do not view socialism as selfish, I still think it's a little bit selfless, although it does kind of make me more lazy.

I earn way less in my socialism than I would have in capitalism, I think. Therefore I am selfess. I am only selfish in the sense that I have more personal free time now, I'm selfish in the sense that I actually have greater personal liberty, now that I do not have to be at a job or do any service for God or anything.

So::: Economically, I'm a selfless socialist I would say.  Freedom/Libety wise -- there was a time when I had lost my freedom for a while, but now I feel I'm MORE free than I would otherwise would have been.

And finally, I'll just mention there was a TedTalk that talks about how it is easier or quicker to or more likely to become rich in the Social Democracy than in capitalism. So that's TedTalk versus PragerU for you.

I'm trying to think of what I would have preferred: being with Avril as a capitalist, or what I have now. I'll just say that's really hard to decide. The capitalist path may have ended up being one of the biggest mistakes I might've ever made on one hand, so though it would have been extremely profitable, there was also extreme risk involved.

Anyway - just interesting that the anti-socialist prophet's own church forced me into socialism.

It has only become clear that Mormonism is entirely completely deceitful and dishonest, in my eyes. believe me, I've done my research: they really can't be trusted, in so many ways for so many reasons. They just LOVE their freedom of speech, and by extension their freedom to do whatever as a religion.

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