Monday, July 4, 2016

A Streak of Bad Luck - new beginnings

So, after writing about how effed up I feel my life was, and then talking to my doctor about the same stuff --- and doing a lot of thinking about all the sad things in my life that don't make sense --- according to The Secret, I was setting myself up for some failure - with all that negative energy.

I enjoyed my Canada Day -- that was a plus, but the next day I felt like I wanted to buy a new computer that runs on low power, so I went and bought a Raspberry Pi from a local computer enthusiast store. I bought the Pi kit that includes the little keyboard -- so I was splurging. Also got a 128gb micro sd card with that.

Well, I was new to pi, I was learning, and I ended up busting my Pi's SD card slot. I tried fixing it with a soldering iron but it turns out I'm not very skilled at that.

I thought I had wasted my money. I thought I had destroyed my pi. Good news though::: My Dad has much more training with the soldering iron than I do, and he fixed it. Yippee!! I probably haven't given my Dad enough credit in my writing -- but that's another story.

So, while I was fiddling with my Pi, the case it came with, and my 128gb micro sd card --- I ended up completely snapping my sd card in two, causing it to be unusable. What a stroke of bad luck.

So I waited a day, planning on what I was going to do on Monday (today).

And as I was waiting for my parents to wake up so we could go buy another sd card (don't worry, this computer specialty store actually has a nice low price, I got lucky on that count) I ended up making a big mistake on my linux laptop and I "pooched" my Ubuntu 16.04 system. I just went and effed my laptop up.

The good news is, I had an external hard drive backup of my home folder! yay!

Well, having watched many youtube videos of other dudes using and playing around with different Linux distributions, I decided I would try something different from the standard Ubuntu in my next installation.

So, I'm writing this post on my laptop, running the Cinnamon version of MANJARO. It's quite nice actually ---- not as polished in a number of ways like Ubuntu was, but it's still really quite nice.

And I managed to buy a new sd card, upon which I installed Ubuntu MATE for Pi on my Raspberry Pi.

So, I'm trying new things now.  A bad story, a streak of bad luck turned into something interesting. I suppose there was always a good silver lining throughout this story, always someone there to rescue me, so it wasn't so bad. I'm happy now.


On the spiritual side of things, this morning I woke up and my empathy or telepathy was sensing an extreme sense of anger against me or some such ---- it didn't feel good.

Well, I found that when I prayed to God saying "Dear God, I'm sorry for all the sins I've committed" --- after praying that to God I found my emotions immediately cleared up and the intense negativity I was sensing disappeared, replaced with a cool calm.

So, again, the Atheist community has some very interesting arguments --- but very real experiences like this where I can totally change the way I feel emotionally just by thinking some thoughts (praying to God) is pretty interesting to me, it's like my personal proof of something more.


There you go. I'm a happy camper now. I had some bad luck, but was rescued. I'm even enjoying something new on my laptop. Yay.

Oh --- and restoring my duplicity back up on Manjaro was actually pretty straightforward. I'm glad it worked.


As for the lack of credit I give my Dad ---- I often say my Dad was unemployed. Mostly true, but not entirely true ---- he did do SOME odd work, and he tried to run his own business as a software developer. Unfortunately, apparently his software got pirated so he didn't make much money, so that's a reason why I was so poor as a kid. Short story here I guess.

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