Thursday, June 9, 2016

Speculating Reasons why Release is taking so long

I am incredibly individual I think --- I keep thinking stuff up, and every so often I feel like telling people what I'm thinking, so I end up making hundreds of blog posts each year. I feel some need to do this, and this does seem better than outright bulk-emailing my friends, but I feel a little insecure about just posting so much.

Anyway, My thoughts right now:

I have thought of more reasons (other than potential censure, a paranoid thought) why it might be taking a while to review my game after submission:

1) I originally said my release date was August 1st. Upon submission, I changed it to June 1st. I'm way ahead of schedule, and this might be a problem for Cortex.

2) Cortex might be too busy with other things to deal with my game release at this point.

3) There's an understanding of the economy these days that people aren't spending much money, at all, so there's not much point in releasing my game when we already know people won't bother to pay the smallest price.
3b) It's weird how Pfhonge is now ranked in the 300s on the O-Rank while the one game I did sell is ranked lower ---- not sure what to think here, but at least I can feel good about my decent rank.

4) The new game includes 5, 10, and 20 minute game modes. It might be taking Cortex a long time to properly test all these game modes. What's sad for me about this situation is that I don't generally get to play multiplayer games in my own life --- the few people I know near me are just too busy with other things, so I practically didn't test 10 and 20 minute modes. I just hope that the extension of Banana'growth time to 15 seconds will make those modes playable.

5) Maybe Razer is waiting for the end of the OUYA in just a few days coming --- OUYA is going to end soon, and I always intended for my new game to be Forge-only for release ------ the truth is, with all the 3d models and all the massive number of processes or threads the game runs, the game probably won't work properly on the slower OUYA hardware. It even stutters a bit on Forge. So, maybe because this is a Forge-only release, they are waiting for OUYA to die.

So, there are definitely many possible reasons for why I'm waiting so long to publish my new game.

It's just that I'm quite mentally-ill, and with how horrible my life was, I am a little paranoid about things going wrong for me. Heck --- my Dad is paranoid, my brother is also a bit paranoid. In our lives, it seems we have grown to expect the worse.

I'm just so glad that I am able to live a relatively good and happy life now ---- one of my biggest problems of living now is just the problems with my own brain.

There you go. I'm just paranoid that someone would be against me. There are many other possible/imaginable reasons why the game is taking so long to release.

My brain works so hard thinking so much, and I'm just a little chatterbox now. Is that a bad thing? or is good to have an outlet and let people know what I think? Who knows.


After I wrote this post, my iPad beeped and I checked my email. My update for The Bananatree Brothers has been approved (yay!) --- so now OUYA gamers will have properly-working offline DRM now. I hope. Yippee. It just takes a while.

I just thought of another reason why it might be taking a while to make these releases::: Maybe Cortex is giving me time to think of updates for the game before release rather than having a stupid and annoying Day 1 update.

There is only one thing that might be an issue with some color of one line of text --- but it's not really an issue. Maybe. I mean, unless you think some of my text is too unreadable, maybe that might be an issue ---- but to me it wasn't an issue. Hmmm. I thought my game was pretty good when I submitted. There's a small chance colors might need some dealing with ---- but I didn't think it was an issue when I submitted.

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