Monday, June 6, 2016

Special Game Thingy on 666 Day

I realize that today is June 6th 2016, or 6/6/2016, the day that some might look at or refer to as being a "666" day.

I was just looking at my games on the OUYA O-Rank ---- my game "The Inter-Continental Brink of Madness", or ICBM< is ranked 666 right now. Hahaha.

Maybe (related to today's earlier post) there's some magical relationship between my ICBM game being ranked 666 on 666 day and how earlier today I felt like I was launching into the sky and flying very quickly. Very strange --- it was pretty magical.

In other gaming and game rank news::: I had one sale of a certain game reported to me in the past week, and I think it's interesting that my other unsold games are climbing in the O-Rank while this game I actually did sell isn't climbing as much. How am I supposed to interpret this?

Also, Sometime last week I submitted my newest game "Coconuts versus Bananas" for review, but there has been no review yet of the game and from the information I see they haven't even looked at it yet. This does feel a little unusual.

So, there is some cool stuff in life, but there's also a sad side to life. I'm surviving.

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