Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On my life and being an OUYA/Cortex Developer

I lived my life. I was given my circumstances in life. I'm not sure how much you really can blame me for my own circumstances, because I only control myself, and I'm generally certain most other people are beyond my control --- therefore I am uncertain that blaming me for my circumstances was a great idea. I'm talking about right since the beginning all the way to, well, pretty much when I wrote my books.

I wrote The Book of Finch. It's a horrible, disgusting story. It was my life. I can not necessarily be entirely blamed for everything that happened in my life, I don't think. My parents controlled much of my upbringing, the people and society around me raised me. Their choices are generally not my own fault.

So: is it possible that I don't get paid, or that I get negative treatment from OUYA because I published a book that is likely highly controversial? The book is just the story of my life.

I did not know about OUYA when I wrote and published my book. When OUYA came along - it looked like a great toy, and being interested in programming I became very interested in OUYA.

OUYA has helped me move on with my life.

But --- if my games are generally lower-ranked, or if I'm not getting paid, or if it's taking a long time to release a video game that has taken days of submission but still no review -----

I almost wonder if Razer has a problem with me. I don't wonder this much, because I hope for good outcomes, but knowing what OUYA games are supposed to be like, and knowing that my life will NEVER be an OUYA game ---- you just wonder I face any amount of condemnation, restriction, or even discrimination on that system simply because the life I grew up with turned out so shitty?

I mean --- let's face it, my life is good in some ways, but in so many ways it just turned out to be absolute pure shit.

OK --- maybe you need to go into defining your reference basis on morality to make that statement and trying to figure out which morality is objective and which is subjective -----

but in the end, right from the beginning of my birth, despite the good things I have ---- my life turned out to be absolute shit.

OK, my life does have good things in it, but growing up in a provably false church that always claimed itself to be absolutely THE truth never really helped much - if you know what I mean.

My parents raised me how they chose. You can't blame me for that. It's not really my own fault things have been such shit. I always tried so hard to do my best and be a good person --- but so much goes wrong in the world around me.

So ---- how much to I deserve censure from OUYA - for writing a book about my life that existed before their system ever existed?

I'm not saying that Cortex/or OUYA are censuring me, but I'm wondering if they do or will, and

basically I'm just upset that I might not be able to fully enjoy their system, likely just because I was given a set of really-really poor circumstances in my life.

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