Saturday, June 11, 2016

Niece's Party

Today I spent some time at my young niece's party with her friends.

For a while at this party, I was indoors talking to "siblings" about an idea I suddenly had at that moment for a new business. The kids were outside having fun with some kind of activity.

But, when the kids walked back into the house, I was suddenly greeted with a chorus of kids saying "Banana! Banana! Banana!"

It's like I've been recognized or something and maybe I'm more famous than I know.

Well, that is encouraging, I guess, to see a flock of children announcing a big factor in my work --- the simple concept of a banana. It's not weird, it's just, well, it's kind of exciting, except I wonder how they all know that about me without many purchases.

And yes --- at this point I've come to expect after long experience that I'm just not going to make money, and there could be any number of reasons for why. Some of these reasons might be right reasons, some might be right yet unfortunate reasons, and so on.


As for the new idea for a business I suddenly had as I was talking to my siblings::

The idea is so great that it would have to be kickstarted, and it's such a big job that we'd be hiring a professional CEO to do the leadership.

If I were involved in starting such a business, I would probably be relegated to at least an investor and at most the board of directors.

It's a good business idea, but with my small circle of friends, and with all the mental illness in my family - it's not likely to come to fruition, I would say. It was just an idea.

Besides, such an idea would definitely receive attention from local major media outlets ---- and with that media attention, they would see the story of my life ---- and then maybe things would get a little eff'd up.

My life has been so eff'd up that I must show much thanks and gratitude to the wonderful country I live in for putting for what looks like a good effort to bring me back to a happy state.

Canada is actually a REALLY wonderful country, it's either the greatest or one of the greatest countries in the world, I would say - and it's been great that I am in a happier state these days than I would have ever previously imagined in my life.

The sad thing is, that I grew up in such ridiculous conditions that I ended up losing my mind and having to recover from my childhood ----- but hey, children can be evil, and it's not the fault of the pre-existing nation that those children did what they did, I would think at least.

Anyway ----- yeah, if I actually created this business, there would definitely be a look at and probably be even scrutiny of my absolutely eff'd up past life.

I really tried to be a good person, tried to be a good student ----- so much went wrong, and I'm sad about that, it is so very unfortunate.

But it is kind of the thing you might expect from the world we live in, if the news and history books are any indication.

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