Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Philosophy/Values

For the past longest time, I've been trying to follow the teachings of "The Secret" in my life, and one of the things I do is have thoughts about and repeat the following words over and over again in my mind. It's what I'm thinking, so it's the universe I'm creating:

"Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Righteous, Loving, Peaceful".

I try to have a positive attitude and to think good things. I'm trying to live in a good world, great place.

I have thought about adding "Free" or "Freedom" to that list --- but there is a big debatable question mark here, because though freedom is a good thing, some people abuse their freedoms, so it kind of stops being a good thing with some people.

I suppose, in the end "Free" makes sense ----- but seriously, I am cautious about this because some people really do just abuse freedoms.

Free is good in so many ways, but Freedom technically could mean anything that could ever happen or exist --- and this technically might not be a good thing.

It's a tough debate, that I must think about and have with myself.

But for now, my key values are as stated above.

1. Happy ---- I am actually pretty happy, I even manage to mostly forget about the problems of the past now.

2. Healthy ---- Even if I weigh about or over 400 pounds, I am actually still reasonably healthy anyway I am sure.

3. Wealthy ----- I might not be making much from sales from my work, but I do have a pretty comfortable life compared to all those people in my area who I heard about who went into "insolvency" (that's bankruptcy).

4. Righteous ------ Depends on your moral values, but I do generally typically try just to be a good person as I understand being a good person. Also involved may be trying to get things right, or typically to be a true and faithful, however you define "faithful", but true nonetheless, to the best of my ability.

5. Loving ------- I am actually pretty good about this, I mean, I don't hate anyone anymore, even if I have bad memories and find some serious annoyance. I might empathically feel unloving feelings, but I do not act on them, nor do I have any reasonable quality in my mind to understand them. I try to be good to all people, even if I don't typically like them from their previous history in my life.

6. Peaceful ------ Believe it or not, now that I'm an adult and I'm not being faced with constant lies and criticism, I am finding it very easy to live peacefully. I haven't "hurt" anyone for a long time. I don't think I have at least. And even in past times when I might've hurt someone, usually it's in response to some kind of completely unreasonable behaviour, such as someone being dishonest and expecting me to believe them. When someone lies to me, you can't just expect me to accept what they say, and if they push it, then I might end up fighting back ------ but that hasn't happened for a long time, so I am living peacefully.

So, I just hope to think good thoughts and live and be positive and be good in the world, living a wonderful life, essentially.

Things have gotten a lot better since I was young.

A main problem with being young is that many youngsters haven't yet figured out how to be good. It's sad, but in my experience that's the truth.

I'm getting older, and life has gotten much better.

Thank God.

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