Friday, June 3, 2016

Media Misinformation and human ignorance

I am absolutely stunned by the kinds of information I see on the internet.

There are some people who appear to be absolutely obsessive about exercising their freedom of speech to the point of saying whatever suits their purpose even if it isn't really true.

How can I say this? Because I look at all kinds of news and other medias, and see all kinds of contradictory information that can't both be true --- it's propaganda in whatever direction the news media outlet points it in.

For example: For the leap manifesto, there's what the Metro free newspaper said about it versus what the Wildrose Party was saying about it ---- both medias discussed the issue, but both said something different and incompatible with the other, if I remember correctly.

My Dad was told by someone at the mall that you had to be a member of the New Democratic Party in order to have your voice heard in the government ---- but from what I've seen of the New Democratic Policies, this does not appear to actually be true --- the NDP appears to be very democratic even to the point of letting opposition parties have their way - which has been unheard of in my experience before.

In my economic studies --- which themselves are divided between people who say we're booming and others saying we're busting ----- I was led to discussion on the European Union ---- and I'm already finding that the hounds of misinformation appear to be sowing their seeds.

In this one documentary, the narrator or teacher explains that most europeans don't even know some basic facts about how the government of the EU works. ---- well just moments ago I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and everything was explained easily and well enough. I mean, this documentary did very little to explain the government either, leaving the audience to feel confused by the situation.

I mean, I'm Canadian and I'm able to find a good amount of information on the topic of the EU government just on Wikipedia ---- while this documentary, I guess, is just making us aware that people aren't too educated (which is nothing new) and have no idea about their own government --- kind of like how all these true believing mormons didn't even know about their own religion. It's nothing new to humanity for people to be ignorant, I'd say.

Anyway, then this documentary says that the EU is anti-democratic, even though right in the EU Charter of Freedoms, they are meant to be democratic right from the get-go. Huh.

So yeah, the documentary tried to express a viewpoint which they tried to back up by feeding off the audience's ignorance, and though there might have been some grain of truth to the documentary what wikipedia said kind of contradicted it.

Another video said something else about the EU -- but when I mentioned it to my Dad, and my Dad reads British Newspaper, he already knew that what the video said was untrue.

It's just interesting, that there's all kinds of information floating about - and some of it can not be true no matter how much they try to make you believe it. It's just remarkable the human propensity to tell a lie.

So yeah. I've seen enough of it already. I grew up in a religion that was way out to lunch - local news medias reporting opposite facts, and then overseas medias reporting things that aren't likely true.

How on earth did I get this smart, where I can say "either this video is lying or wikipedia is lying". I mean - the solution was as simple as having a look at wikipedia. hahaha.

Anyway ---- I'm just saying how ridiculous it is how, well, ignorant people are and how dishonest news media can be. It is completely freakin' ridiculous.

NOTE::: I think I will try to emphasize that I'm not taking a political position on any topic in this post, I'm just expressing an observation that someone HAS to be lying.

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