Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Interesting Telephone Call Today (I got a little freaked)

I got an interesting telephone call today:

Usually, my family is very good about screening calls: If we don't recognize the number, we often let it go to voice mail, which often results in nothing because so many marketers or whoever call and don't leave messages.

Well, this time when the phone rung, I was standing next to the phone, and my parents were like "ANSWER IT!!!" --- and there was absolutely an unusual air about the situation like I should pick up the phone.

The number, I did not recognize on the call display, but it said it was albertan so I picked up.

It almost seemed like an automated message, although it might not've been - it's hard to be sure.

"I'm from the health ministry of the pdm" (it was something like that -- I think I remember the acronym was "pdm")

I was like "what is pdm?"

And without making any attempt of answering my question, the voice said something about "We have understood that someone in your family is experiencing [such and such types of health problems, including 'chronic pain' as one mentioned]..."

At this point, I immediately thought I didn't exactly personally recognize these problems, although it's possible someone in my family has pain issues, but I got a little freaked out by that whole thing so I just immediately hung up.

I'm introverted, and with my mental disability comes some anxiety (hence all the phone screening), so I wasn't interested in discussing health issues with a health ministry of some acronym I didn't even know what it was.

Well, after I saw my psychiatrist today, I was riding around and I realized something:::: Just a day or two ago, someone or some people from MAURITIUS, the ISLAND COUNTRY near Africa in the Indian Ocean, had been going through my blog --- this week Mauritius is my blog's biggest visitor.

And then - it dawned on me:::: what if "PDM" stood for "Police Department of Mauritius"??? OMG.

I mean, I don't know for certain, but that is kind of getting freaky on me there. There's been all this stuff going on, and now I'm in big trouble or something for making a game about a violent individual on a tropical island::::

But in all seriousness, the four main characters of Coconuts versus Bananas are blue, red, yellow and brown.

I made Carl CocoPalm brown at the suggestion of a family member --- to make him the same colour as a Coconut ---- but he WAS originally GREEN ------- which means the characters almost became the colours of the flag of Mauritius.

All in all, these days it's hard to trust anybody who just emails you or calls you on the phone --- So maybe this phonecall was nothing, maybe it was something --- I just got a little freaked out by it.

But, considering that my blog had many visits from Mauritius in the past week, and that this Health Ministry of PDM might have something to do with "M" being Mauritius in the acronym, I wonder what kind of trouble I just got myself into.


As for my visit with the psychiatrist today, I just talked about similar things on this blog, like how absolutely effed up my life has been.

When I got my injection, I talked to the injection nurse about a recent experience I had which I like to explain as happening to exist because of phenomena like telepathy. It's happened over and over again.

These days, thank God, the doctors and the nurses do not at all argue with me about telepathy, it is understood to be likely real (believe it or not).

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